The Modern Marvel of Madesimo

Nestled in the sunny Spluga Valley is the beautiful Italian resort of Madesimo. This traditional resort is small and incredibly friendly but enjoys a strong international reputation for the finest snowsports among those in the know. Now, thanks to fast routes from the UK and new luxury accommodation, you too can enjoy its hitherto hidden delights.

Madesimo will never disappoint snowsports fans. Its Valchiavenna Ski Area boasts 60km of exciting slopes and 20km of exhilarating cross-country trails. Many slopes are served by state-of-the-art -lift facilities that can be easily reached on foot.

Those who prefer an adrenaline-filled challenge can head for Pizzo Groppera at 3000m and carve zigzagging designs along Val di lei or descend to the Canalone. This black descent is almost 3km long and a must to do on every skiers list.

Best of all, the pistes are wonderfully clear mid-week, meaning you can enjoy the fun and freedom of the Alpine mountains to the full!

Despite its small and compact size, Madesimo offers an astonishing 1000 guest beds in a surprisingly wide and varied range of accommodation of hotels, residence and guesthouses, all waiting to welcome you. There are B&B’s and even the option to camp in the valley with new hotels scheduled to open next winter Hotels boast three and four stars, the highest Italian grading available. The leading hotels include the 4* Hotel Andossi,  4* Boscone Suite Hotel 4* Hotel Emet 4* Sport Hotel Alpina and the 3* Hotel La Meridiana 3*Hotel Ferrè 3*Hotel Capriolo 3* Hotel Arlecchino *3 Hotel Tambò 3*  Hotel Europa.

The nearest airports to are at Milan (138km) and Bergamo (119km), with direct flights from the UK from a range of operators, including EasyJet and British Airways. There are excellent bus and train connections and a taxi-share programme direct to the village. Well-established links are made in the UK with holidays to


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