Charlie Starmer-Smith

“Heaven Publicity are one of the few travel PRs that editors can rely on to not only come up with engaging ideas across all platforms but deliver them effectively and efficiently. They also have an innate understanding of how, when and why to contact editors as well as maximise the commercial opportunities for their clients.”

Charlie Starmer-Smith – Head of Travel for Telegraph Media Group

Mark Palmer“Lynsey Devon is an exemplary travel PR specialist; my dealings with Lynsey have always been fruitful. She never promises things she can’t deliver, is always pro-active and genuinely understand the needs of journalists. She has a good knowledge of the business. She works efficiently. She is a pleasure to deal with. Please feel free to contact me for more information.”

Mark Palmer – Travel Editor, Daily Mail

Arnie Wilson

“Having skied all over the world with Lynsey I can only ask – where does she get her energy and resourcefulness from? It’s rare for a PR boss to be able to run press outings so efficiently, build so much into them and still have time to enjoy her own trips. She’s up late with the clients or writers – later in fact, as I know from retiring from the dance floor exhausted before she has even thought about catching up on her beauty sleep – and yet up at dawn the next morning checking out the logistics of the next day’s activities. Holiday companies should grab her while they can. Even Lynsey can’t work more than 24 hours a day ( though she often tries to). And I suspect she soon will be working all hours with her new company, which means prospective new clients may have to queue for her expertise!”

Arnie Wilson – Freelance ski journalist, former Financial Times ski correspondent and editor of Ski+Board magazine

Maria Pieri

“Lynsey is unfalteringly professional: she is quick to come up with ideas, faultless in the execution of those ideas, and always reliable and knowledgeable about all of her clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any potential business partnerships or opportunities.”

Maria Pieri – Editorial director, APL Media (Portfolio includes National Geographic Traveller and ABTA Magazine)

Ana Silva O’Reilly, Luxury Travel Blogger, Mrs. O Around the World

“I have worked with Lynsey and Heaven Publicity, for almost three years, and can say, without a doubt, that she impersonates what an exceptional PR professional should be: she knows her clients really well, she knows her media better than anyone I have ever worked with (making that a plus for both clients and media), is extremely reliable, professional but, most of all, an utmost pleasure to work with. As a blogger, I know I can reach out at anytime and the response I will have will be timely but, more importantly, relevant, honest and adequate. Over the last couple of years, Heaven has developed a fantastic team, who follow the same professional standards and are fab to work with on a personal level as well.”

Ana Silva O’Reilly – Luxury Travel Blogger, Mrs. O Around the World

Helen Warwick

“Lynsey is great to work with  – you could not wish for a more motivated, creative and committed professional. She’s very proactive, is great at engaging with the press and her experience always shines through.”

Helen Warwick – Deputy Editor, National Geographic Traveller

Duncan Craig

“Industry-wide, Lynsey is among the very best at what she does. Passionate, proactive and personable, she wears her considerable knowledge and experience lightly and combines this with an inexhaustible enthusiasm and a can-do approach that editors cherish. An asset to any company!”

Duncan Craig – Assistant Travel Editor Sunday Times, former Deputy Travel Editor at The Express

Kate Simon

“Lynsey has a great understanding of our need, as journalists, for a good story. I’ve worked with Lynsey on a number of projects over the years and I’ve always been impressed by her depth of understanding of my section, she always offers interesting ideas that fit our priorities and, crucially, our readership.”

Kate Simon – Freelance Travel writer and former travel editor at The Independent

Felice Hardy

“Lynsey is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people in the travel industry today. She is highly efficient, full of good ideas and if you asked me to pick out someone as an example of the ideal PR I would choose Lynsey every time. She is charming and thoughtful, has a great sense of humour, and is never pushy as some PRs can be. Lynsey goes the extra mile and always gets things done.”

Felice Hardy – Editor, and Freelance Travel Writer for publications including the Evening Standard, British Airways Highlife, Conde Nast Traveller, Harpers Bazaar, and Country Life

Mark Hodson

“Lynsey is one of the best PRs in travel. She combines experience and great judgment with smart ideas, enthusiasm and a thorough understanding of how journalists work and what they need.”

Mark Hodson – Freelance Travel journalist for The Sunday Times, editor at and SEO Consultant

Matt Barr

“Simply the best PR I’ve ever worked with. Lynsey’s unflappable organisational prowess is rightly legendary in the travel industry. I look forward to the next project we work on together.”

Matt Barr – Director ACM Group

Minty Clinch“Lynsey is probably the most efficient and energetic person I’ve ever met – and I know a lot of people. I’ve travelled to Japan, Canada, the United States and many countries in Europe on trips she’s organised. She is always totally in control of the arrangements, coping seemingly effortlessly with special last minute requests from difficult group members. She is always cheerful and outgoing, making friends wherever she goes. She speaks French so well she is often taken for a native, her organisational powers are awesome and she gives 110% in all circumstances. I thoroughly recommend Lynsey for any job involving sports and specialist activities – or indeed for any job requiring initiative and charm.”

Minty Clinch – Freelance Travel Journalist for The Telegraph, The Times, Independent on Sunday, BA Highlife, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Financial Times, The Observer and many golfing magazines

Patrick Thorne

“Lynsey is one of those rare people who goes ‘beyond the call’ to ensure she does an excellent job. In fact I’m rather concerned she works too hard. I’ve always found her very dedicated to her work, very professional, very efficient and as a journalist she always reacts quickly when asked (with a deadline looming) at short notice and knows exactly what’s needed. A surprisingly small number of people in Lynsey’s position seem able to do that. But rather than being anxious, obsessive and rather boring (if she is she hides it well!) she manages to work to this high standard while still conveying a sense of fun and caring which makes the job a whole lot better.”

Patrick Thorne – Editor of In The Snow and Snow24

Karl Cushing

“Lynsey lives and breathes travel and is without doubt one of the best PRs I have ever worked with. Both in her current role and her previous position at Inghams she has never ceased to go the extra mile to get me whatever I need, no matter how tight the deadline. Her product and destination knowledge truly are second to none and she is fantastic at pitching ideas and coming up with new angles for stories. In short, she is a true PR professional – one of the best in the business – and a real pleasure to work with.”

Karl Cushing – Features and Supplements Editor, Travel Weekly

Daniel Elkan

“Lynsey has a wonderful combination of style and substance. Hugely knowledgeable, great energy, deservedly well connected and a very creative thinker. A privilege to work with.”

Daniel Elkan – Snowcarbon director and freelance journalist (Guardian, Times, Time Out, Conde Nast, Ski + board, Daily Mail Ski + Snowboard, Snow, New Scientist)

Gregor Rankin

Food and Travel magazine has worked with Lynsey Devon (Heaven Publicity) for a good number of years. She and her team have a focus on travel and lifestyle and, unlike many companies in these fields, they only send thru pertinent ideas for the magazine. This means that whilst we may not act on all of them the ideas are certainly read and considered, which is what a good PR company should strive to achieve. They appear to love what they do so it’s always a pleasure chatting with them.

Gregor Rankin – Publisher Food and Travel Magazine

Dale Templar

Lynsey is one of the few travel prs that editors can rely on to not only come up with engaging ideas across all platforms but deliver them effectively and efficiently, be it film or print it digital. She also has a knack of understanding how, when and why to contact the right media for the right story as well as maximise the commercial opportunities for all parties.

Dale Templar – Series Producer Human Planet