The new Disney nature documentary ‘African Cats’ tells the story of families of lions and cheetahs in  Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve. Aside from the ‘mane’ attractions, every other creature is edible scenery. The blockbuster documentary transports audiences in to the natural habitat of a family of lions and cheetahs, whilst following their daily quest for survival in the African wilderness. Fans of the film will leave the cinema mesmerized by the breathtaking footage including vivid scenes of wildlife, rolling grasslands, an assortment of animals and colourful tribal culture, perfectly depicting Africa as a must-visit destination. This is the opportunity to head out on a ‘hands on’ type of safari in Africa and to experience its remarkable wildlife first hand. This truly spectacular and diverse country is full of amazing natural wonders and friendly locals, especially on Inspired Break’s Kenya-Maasai Wildlife Volunteer Project. Being involved and learning about the ways of the African wilds and the culture of the Massai by volunteering is part of the journey working on this incredible project. Part of the attracting is helping to gather vital data about wildlife activities, whilst immersing in the nomadic culture and there is plenty of time to explore the stunning landscapes of Kenya. www.inspiredbreaks.co.uk

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