Cities can offer a multitude of opportunities, be it experiencing different cultures, admiring alternative architecture or gaining work experience abroad. But which cities should gappers head to, to get the most of their time away this summer? With time in shorter supply as gappers increasingly choose to squeeze their gap year into gap months, they may well need a bit of help deciding where their time will be best spent. 900 past gappers have eagerly casted their votes in a poll to help reveal which cities offer the best gap experience.

1st place – Sydney, Australia
Taking poll position, with a whopping 50% of the vote, is Sydney, Australia – a city that never disappoints. For years Sydney has been a firm favourite on the gap year trail and it seems that it is still ticking all of the boxes.

2nd place – Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok unsurprisingly boasts second place. As one of the original backpacker destinations, Thailand’s larger than life capital city keeps tempting travellers to visit its bustling streets. It’s a monster of a city that never sleeps and offers something different on every street corner.

3rd place – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina’s capital city attracts travellers with its two contrasts; a cosmopolitan metropolis mixed with classic traditions. Taking third place, Buenos Aires is confirmation that South America’s popularity as a gap year destination just keeps rising.

4th place – Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa continues to be a firm favourite on the Gap Year circuit with its ever changing landscapes, captivating wildlife and [Lynsey Devon] offers great value for money. The South African capital which takes 4th place in the city poll, offers a profound level of diversity, giving gappers every reason to visit during their time away.

5th place – Las Vegas, USA
This year’s wild card takes 5th place. Some might not think that Vegas is the typical choice for a gap year, but if you’re on a road trip across the USA, its one city that you wouldn’t want to miss. The bright lights of this city never stop shining and the megaresorts are standing ready to cater for its visitors every whim. For more information visit

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