Eight Reasons to Visit Jamaica This Summer

1. Summer is the cheapest time of year to go
Accommodation rates are lower in the summer and early autumn, as Jamaica’s peak season is January to March. Yes, there’s a chance of showers, but these are usually over fairly quickly.
You can also enjoy events such as the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival (29 May to 5 June, 2016) and Reggae Sumfest at Montego Bay (17 to 23 July, 2016).  October half term is another good time to catch the last of the summer sun.

2. Villas are no more expensive than in Europe
For example, it costs from £301pp per week staying at the three-bedroom Linga Awhile in Discovery Bay. We found a comparable luxury villa in Croatia from £314pp per week, but that price would be several times higher in other Mediterranean countries such as France and Italy.

3. There’s an amazing choice of activities…
Beach clubs with watersports, tennis and golf, swimming with dolphins (the Half Moon hotel even has its own dolphin lagoon), polo, riding horses in the sea, spas…you name it and Jamaica has it.

4.…Bathwater temperatures for swimming
Sparklingly clean seawater with an average June sea temperature of 28.5°C (83.2°F). Then it keeps on heating up until September when it reaches to an average of 29.7°C (85.4°F). The average air temperature in Jamaica is 28°C (82.4°F) all year round, so there’s never a bad time to visit.

5.…Fun and fabulous food
Apart from the miles and miles of sandy white beaches, there’s rum and good food around every corner. From jerk chicken and pork, to fried plantain…the cuisine has influences from Africa, India, France, and Spain. Then, of course, there’s fresh lobster from the sea – the grilled lobster, coconut rice and mango salsa is delicious!

6…Entertaining music
With its origins in African villages, music has always played an important part in Jamaican culture.  It is full of history and stories of freedom, independence and politics, but was traditionally used to pass on messages and gossip, as well as to lighten the load of daily chores. Traditional dance music celebrates some of the island’s special holidays and events.

7. And also…
In a world increasingly fraught with terrorism, some of the traditional holiday destinations are losing their appeal. The Government’s current Foreign Travel Advice points out that France has declared a national state of emergency. In Spain the threat of terrorism is ‘high’, in Italy and Greece the level is ‘general’, in Turkey ‘further attacks could be indiscriminate’.….whilst in Jamaica, the threat of terrorism is declared as ‘low’.

8. Star Spotting
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Release date 2017 – filmed in Jamaica.
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