Eddie the Eagle Identifies PR Hotshot as Future Ski Jumping Hopeful

Hot on the heels of his Hollywood biopic, Olympic ski jumper Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards has revealed Great Britain’s next ski jumping hopeful.

Following an exclusive selection process at the French resort of Alp L’Ofiro earlier this season, the one-time underdog has agreed to take Lynsey Devon, Travel PR expert and founder of Heaven Publicity, under his wings. 

Lynsey will embark on a gruelling training regime from 1 April that ski coach Eddie hopes will see her qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  

Eddie said: “If there’s one thing my experience has taught me it’s that you need nerves of steel, extreme focus and unwavering determination to succeed in this game. Anyone who’s seen Lynsey in action, whether on the slopes or on the town, will know she’s got those qualities in spades.It’s a struggle to keep up with her.”

The dynamic duo will receive additional training support from Warren Smith, best known for coaching celebrity contestants on Channel 4’s “The Jump”.

Explaining his reason for taking up the ambitious challenge, Warren said: “Lynsey’s been on the snowsport circuit for as long as I can remember. Her unstoppable passion for the slopes and ability to put in endless hours without losing her sense of humour has earned Lynsey a reputation as quite the force to be reckoned with.”

Heaven Publicity’s soaring success since opening its doors in 2012 was considered testament to Lynsey’s ‘no limits’ approach to life. The agency now boasts over 20 clients, including an enviable ski portfolio of tourist boards, tour operators and upmarket chalets.

Although some cynics have already nicknamed the unlikely candidate ‘Lynsey the Laughing Bird’, the instructors are determined to translate her explosive energy to the jump and make a mockery of any negative chatter.

To find out more about Heaven Publicity’s Alpine aspirations visit: www.heavenpublicity.co.uk.