Rickshaw Travel introduces new trip options to rising star Cambodia

According to the latest statistics released from the Cambodia Ministry of Tourism the number of tourists visiting Cambodia has risen exponentially in recent years and it’s finally stepping into the spotlight as a destination in its own right. 2015-16 saw continued growth with a 10% rise in holidaymakers from the UK and Rickshaw Travel has noted an increase in the number of guests choosing to focus their time in Cambodia.

To celebrate Cambodia’s rising status as a standalone destination Rickshaw Travel has launched a new 16-day itinerary that explores the refreshingly authentic highlights of this country that’s steeped in history and brimming with culture. They’ve also put together new bite-size trips that can be combined in a ‘build-your-own’ itinerary to Indochina and recommend the best options for those looking to have a truly authentic and individual Cambodian experience.

New 16-day itinerary: Ancient Ruins to Laidback beaches
Explore a heady mixture of temples, Cambodian rural hospitality, sleepy coastal towns and tropical beaches in two weeks. This eye-opening, hard-hitting and heart-warming tour combines a rural homestay in the small village of Kampong Thom, explores the jungle ruins at amazing Angkor Wat, takes stock of the vibrant and history-drenched city of Phnom Penh and enjoys the relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, castaway islands and sweet crabs of the South Cambodia Coast.

The 16-day itinerary costs from £1245 per person (based on two sharing) and includes 15 nights accommodation with breakfast and transport and excursions as described online.

Rickshaw Travel creates meaningful travel itineraries and bite-size trip options that bring travellers closer to the country they’re visiting. Included in this 16-day itinerary are two shiny new experiences where guests can visit Kep’s famous crab markets on the relaxed south coast, as well as stay in a converted rice barn in Kampot, with views of the river and Elephant Mountain. Both these options can also be booked as short bite-size trips as part of a ‘build-your-own’ individual itinerary.

New: ‘Crab Pots in Kep’ bite-size trip
On this new bite-size trip option holidaymakers can take time out and completely unwind along Cambodia’s sleepy coastline, visiting rickety crab markets and sleepy seaside towns and relaxing on sun-drenched tropical beaches. During the trip guests will spend three nights in Kep, one of Cambodia’s best-kept secrets where they’ll visit Kep’s famous crab market (known for the sweetest crabs in all of Cambodia) and relax on Koh Tonsay, also known as Rabbit Island.

This 4-day bite-size trip costs from £185 per person (based on two sharing) and includes 3 nights accommodation with breakfast and excursion to the crab market and Tonsay Island.

New: ‘Kick back in Kampot’ bite-size trip
On this new 3-day trip guests will head to sleepy Kampot on Cambodia’s southern coast for evening riverside strolls along the promenade, old French colonial charm and experience the town’s rich history. Holidaymakers can choose to stay in a converted rice barn in the laid-back town or soak up the sunsets out in the rice-paddies in a countryside lodge. During their time here they’ll explore the lush countryside with a local guide and learn all about the history of Kampot and what makes it tick.

This 3-day bite-size trip costs from £158 per person (based on two sharing) and includes 2 nights accommodation with breakfast and countryside excursion with guide.

For those looking to expand their Cambodian experience beyond the UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor Wat, Rickshaw Travel recommends combining this unofficial wonder of the world with a very different and special homestay option. Rickshaw highlights their top Cambodian homestay options below:

‘At home in the Cambodian Countryside’
On this homestay option travellers stay in a local home in the small rural village of Kampong Thom and get a real glimpse of village life in Cambodia. Guests will feel at home cycling through the countryside, trying home-cooked food and playing football with the children. The ‘at home in the Cambodian Countryside’ bite-size trip option is a heart-warming window into timeless Cambodia that’s included in the new 16-day itinerary and can also be added to a ‘build-your-own’ Rickshaw Travel itinerary.

The 3-day bite-size trip costs from £265 per person (based on two sharing) and includes 2 nights accommodation in a local family home, most meals, transfers and bicycle rental.

Life on the Tonle Sap
Guests stay with a Khmer family in a traditional stilted house on Tonle Sap Lake. This is a simple, unusual and completely brilliant way to get a glimpse of the real Cambodia, far beyond the temple throngs of Angkor. On this trip travellers will visit the virtually untouched village of Kompong Khleang, learn about traditional Khmer culture and join the fishermen as they sail into the lake before dawn. They will also spend the night with a Khmer family in a traditional, simple stilt house. During the rainy season, the houses and the floodplains of the Tonle Sap Lake are surrounded by water. The 2 day tour starts from £165 per person (based on two sharing) and includes comfortable accommodation, a boat trip on Tonle Sap Lake, one dinner, one breakfast and travel to and from Siem Reap.

Cambodia’s emergence as a stand-alone destination doesn’t change the fact many travellers will continue to combine this wonderful destination with other Indochina options. Rickshaw Travel’s bite-size trip formula allows travellers to piece together a route and itinerary that best suits them – —be it full of adventure or at a relaxed, leisurely pace. Guests can embark on a journey up the Mekong River for a life-changing travel experience, featuring culturally immersive tours of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. All these options and many more can be found at: www.rickshawtravel.co.uk where travellers can combine three or more bite-sized trips to create an individual journey or select from a series of recommended itineraries.

Rickshaw Travel top tip:
To save on airfares and escape other tourists Rickshaw Travel’s Cambodia expert recommends travelling in the shoulder-season of May-August when temperatures may be higher but airfares can drop by as much as £200. Visitors may need to contend with a bit more rain at this time but this also equates to greener landscapes. Rickshaw Travel can organise international and domestic flights to all destinations and are not restricted to any particular airlines.

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