Lynsey's Handbag

What’s in your Handbag? – Lynsey Devon

I had that classic moment this week when, whilst driving, I asked my husband to get my phone out of my handbag. “What on earth do you have in your here, love?” was his immediate response, as he delved deep into my portable Tardis.

So here are just a few of the essentials that I would never leave home without:

• DIARY: Whilst I love my iPhone, tablet and modern gadgets, when it comes to planning ahead I still rely on my fool-proof mini diary. Small enough to carry with me to every event, I find it so much more practical – and far less antisocial – to whip out at events and jot down a few notes than my phone.
• PHONE CHARGER: Whereas I used to carry a back-up battery, these days my portable power pack ensures my phone is always topped up – whatever the day throws my way.
• BIKE LOCK KEYS: For me, there’s a clear connection between exercise and sharp thinking. The office is only a six-minute ride from my home and a lot of our key media contacts live in the area so I try to cycle to meetings wherever possible. For me it’s the most time-efficient way to get my exercise in whilst helping any stress melt away.
• MINTS: When it comes to making a good first impression, I’ll always pop one in for a fresh start. I may love my tea but it doesn’t mean everyone else has to breathe it in.
• POO BAGS: Arthur, our Working Cocker Spaniel has a remarkable ability to sniff out every story lead with a potential for adventure. He’s also got a well-honed BS radar and a lot of guts, so it’s always wise to ensure I have a few super-strong, biodegradable poop bags at the ready.
• DEBIT CARD: Thanks to contactless payment, from train travel to shopping one card is all you really need these days to get around London.
• SAFETY PIN: You’d be amazed how many times a well-placed safety pin has come in handy. Keep one in your handbag and you’ll prove a godsend at evening events when someone else is experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.
• SUNGLASSES: Maybe it’s a throw-back to the many years I spent working in the mountains or perhaps it’s just because I love to spend as much time outdoors with the sun on my face as possible, but my Dragon sunglasses and I must not be parted.
• LIPSTICK: In my world, you never know when a client might announce they’re in town or a new meeting might pop into your diary. So it’s easy to apply a bit of gloss and look the business when something impromptu arises.
• TISSUES: My son may be 11 years old now but that mum instinct works around the clock. You’ll never catch me unprepared…

Whether this sounds familiar or horrifying, it’s true that what you find in someone’s handbag probably says a lot about the person themselves. What’s in yours?
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