Twitter competition 2016

Heaven Publicity Twitter Competition: Change the way you think, to get the results your travel business needs with #HeavenPRHelpMe

Heaven Publicity is giving you the chance to boost your travel business and kick-start awareness and engagement with your company through its #HeavenPRHelpMe sweepstake Twitter competition.
One lucky Twitter follower will win a free PR Health Check by Heaven Publicity CEO Lynsey Devon in November, giving you the perfect start for a great new year!

To enter, just re-tweet and Like the following Tweet by Heaven Publicity (@HeavenPublicity) which will be posted on Monday 31 October 2016:

Winning a Free @HeavenPublicity #PR Health Check will put my #travel business on the map! #HeavenPRHelpMe Follow & RT to enter! #competition

Lynsey Devon, CEO at Heaven Publicity, says: “These days, it is often a challenge to step back and review what you have achieved, where your business is going and what is being said about  you in the media. I would stress how important it is to find the time, particularly in a shifting and unpredictable environment. We often say we are too busy to have time to think, but what that means in practice is we are letting lots of other ‘stuff’ get in the way.

The PR profession is going through a revolution in redefining what it does and how it delivers. Each of us have reengineered how we perform, what we do in our everyday work. If all of us keep doing the same thing, we get the same results. In order to create the change we want in the world at the outset we need to change the way you think.”

During the PR Health Check, Lynsey Devon will take you through her highly successful, results-orientated approach and help you to formulate your PR approach. Using her high impact five stage process:
Stage 1. Information
Stage 2. Incubation
Stage 3. Illuminations
Stage 4. Integration
Stage 5. Illustration
you will gain a deep understanding about your business’s opportunities and receive inspiration for an impactful PR campaign to help you gain a professional competitive edge.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.