Three ways to get ahead in a crowded market place

Absolutely Fabulous certainly put the clichéd image of public relations back in the spotlight earlier this year as the long-anticipated comedy hit the big screens.

However, with one of our biggest takeaways from the film being quite how far PR has evolved in the last few decades, it’s worth reviewing the tactics that remain just as essential as ever for travel companies keen to stay ahead of the competition.

Keep on trend
Who could have predicted ten years ago that technology would play such a key role in the way we research and book travel? And, in a world where recommendations from family and friends still hold so much sway, celebrities seem increasingly able to influence consumer behaviour.
From industry developments and digital opportunities to rising destinations and new travel styles, we make it our business to dedicate time every week to scouring news sites, social media platforms and trade titles as well as networking within the industry.
All of which means you can count on us to have our fingers on the pulse of the future trends that could shape your organisation’s potential.

Build the right relationships
For the new wave of communicators, long lunches are truly the stuff of legend. And yet, with editorial teams stretched to their limits in this digital age and companies recognising the value of finding the right bloggers to influence their target audience, having the right relationships with the right people is perhaps more critical than ever to succeed.
At Heaven we never forget that the R in PR stands for relations, which is why we invest so much time investing in the relationships that will make a genuine difference to our clients’ bottom line. After all, if you don’t know what makes your media target tick or what their upcoming features focus on, how can you expect your messages to capture their imagination and, ultimately, generate coverage?

Understand your competitors
Information is power, so it stands to reason that knowing what your competitors are up to, who they’re talking with and where they’re concentrating will help you refine the way you interact with your customers.
So if monitoring their media coverage and social media activity might over-stretch your resources, this is where an outside agency like us can really add value by acting as an extension of your marketing team.
To find out how Heaven Publicity’s creative and results-driven approach could help give your brand the exposure it deserves, drop me a line.

Lynsey Devon