The three biggest marketing mistakes to avoid

Public Relations is essentially the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. So, at a time when so much emphasis is placed on the importance of influencers, there’s a lot more to PR than simply sending out press releases.

And yet, despite PR remaining the best value way to create the buzz that leads to all-important sales, it still somehow remains the poor relation in the wider marketing family.

Whilst our clients understand the benefits that well thought-through PR campaigns can deliver to their businesses, we’ve highlighted a few easy changes that every company can make to boost their brand awareness.

Take an integrated approach
The smartest organisations we work with are the ones that involve PR right at the beginning of the marketing process. I’ve lost count of the number of times being able to contribute from an early stage helped turn a decent marketing campaign into a great one that captures the customers’ imagination and also translates into hard-hitting coverage.
These days, with PR teams responsible for managing reputations across social channels as well as through digital, print and broadcast media, it makes sense to maximise budgets by ensuring all parts of the marketing mix work strategically towards the same goal.

SEO you later
The marketing quest for the magic bullet is never-ending. So just as you think you’ve got the answer to improving your page ranking Google changes the way it analyses sites or voice search alters the way search engines retrieve information.
Over the last few years, one thing that’s become apparent every time our team has met with our client’s SEO counterparts to discuss how we can best work together is that PRs seem to naturally incorporate key search terms into their writing. Which means the endorsements we generate through coverage on trusted third-party platforms is more likely to include these key terms. What’s not to like?

PR needn’t blow your budget
Whilst the majority of our clients prefer to keep us on retainer to help them meet their long-term objectives, there are other campaign options for times when budgets are a little more limited.
This means it’s still possible to take advantage of our travel expertise and industry contacts for shorter-term projects, whether we’re talking product launches or crisis management. Because, as businesses evolve, so do we.
To find out how Heaven Publicity’s creative and results-driven approach could help give your brand the exposure it deserves, drop me a line.

Lynsey Devon