The perfect ski holiday companion

Enjoy stress-free travel with new Valet Alpin

Phileas Fogg had his faithful travel companion Passepartout. Don Quixote had his redoubtable sidekick Sancho Panza. And today the discerning skier has Valet Alpin.

A brand new and innovative ski concierge company, Valet Alpin is the personal holiday assistant who takes away all the stress and leaves only the freedom, time and peace of mind to enjoy skiing to the max.

Far more than just another luggage carrier, Valet Alpin stands on peaks high above the competition not only because of its wide range of super-value services, but incredible attention to care and the highest level of personal service.

Operating from bespoke warehouses in the west and east of Switzerland, Valet Alpin offers its personal ski valeting to resorts throughout the Alps, including France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Using its vast experience and intimate knowledge of the industry, it eliminates the organisational challenges, stress, physical exertion and, of course, costs – particularly those nasty baggage surcharges from airlines – of storing and transferring equipment to and from resorts.

Leave everything to a personal valet

Valet Alpin will help create a Mountain Locker where clients can store skis, snowboards, boots and all of their accessories. Hi-tech storage and drying systems ensure a better quality environment, while saving the hassle of storage space and transport to and from a UK departure point. There is password protected online access at any time, with the ability to view items via photographs and detailed written descriptions.

Clients can also choose how they would like equipment to be initially collected and transported to their Mountain Locker. From there, each time you go skiing you have various equipment delivery options at your disposal to fit around your trip and your budget:

With the Airport Exchange guests are reunited with their equipment when they land at the airport. On the return leg of the journey, all of the gear is collected at the airport and returned to the Mountain Locker. It’s a super-value way to enjoy stress-free travel.

Opting for Resort Delivery your prized equipment will be delivered straight to the holiday accommodation, maximum ski time and maximum flexibility for how guests travel.

And for those who like seamless travel with true luxury, with Valet Transfer guests can book an airport transfer with one of Valet Alpin’s carefully selected resort transfer partners – all of their equipment will be waiting in their vehicle, ready to be taken with them straight to resort.

The best care and best value

Equipment Care: Valet Alpin’s ‘total care’ philosophy takes exceptional care of equipment, with all equipment being cleaned, dried and inspected on return. Even an optional anti-bacterial boot drier using ionising lamps is available. Clients can also select from a range of waxing, repair and tuning services.

Group Travel: Valet Alpin’s Snow-buddies feature allows clients to link family and friends’ lockers into a single booking and, unlike with any other courier company, make further significant savings and enjoy all of Valet Alpin services often at no more, and often much less than, an airline’s luggage surcharges.

Initial collection and courier to Switzerland

From Home or Office: prior to the start of the season, Valet Alpin offer initial collection and shipment to Switzerland for €34 (£29). This is a one off cost and you never have to worry about moving your equipment from home again.

From Alps Airport: during the season collection is made on the return leg of this season’s trip for just €10 (£8.5) per bag, including free storage to the end of the season.

Storage: to store one pair of skis, boots and a box of accessories in a Mountain Locker for a year costs only €47 (£40).

Equipment delivery and collection per ski trip

Airport Exchange: for a single booking of skis and boots – €60 (£51), reducing to €48 (£41) when using Snow-buddies.

Resort Delivery: an average resort single booking of skis and boots is €85 (£72), reducing to €72 (£61) when using Snow-buddies. * Prices will vary with further distances in Switzerland and Austria.

Full Valet: for a single booking of skis and boots – €65 (£55), reducing to €52 (£44) when using Snow-buddies – the ultimate equipment free travel experience for a fantastic price. Note: the prices are only for equipment delivery and exclude the passenger transfer element.

Whatever their Alpine destination, however they choose to travel and whatever their group size, with Valet Alpin snowsports lovers can simply sit back and enjoy the journey: with the knowledge that all of their gear is in the very best hands.

“Whatever option they choose, our clients know that Valet Alpin takes exceptional care of their equipment every step of the way, including cleaning, drying and tuning on return” says Valet Alpin founder and CEO, Peter Knee. “What’s more, with our high level of personal service and very competitive pricing, it is often less expensive to take advantage of Valet Alpin’s services and enjoy hassle free travel”.

“We want to bring the fun back into ski/board ownership and take pride in saying ‘ski travel and ownership should be enjoyed not endured’. At Valet Alpin we’re very excited about our new services and look forward to welcoming our clients to the Alps: with their prized equipment ready and waiting for them. The bottom line – when compared to airline surcharges and other couriers, with whichever Valet Alpin option you choose you get more for less.

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