Snowcarbon on Track with Heaven Publicity

Snowcarbon and Heaven Publicity have joined forces to help journalists and editors inspire and inform their target audiences about the possibilities for train travel to European winter sports holidays. 

Train travel to ski resorts often gets overlooked because flying is the default mode and more easy to find information about. Snowcarbon and Heaven Publicity would like to help redress the balance and enable journeys that actually become an enjoyable, memorable part of the ski holiday.

Founded in 2009 by Daniel Elkan and Mark Hodson, snowcarbon is an independent website dedicated to helping skiers and snowboarders make enjoyable, low-carbon journeys. Snowcarbon continues to be a catalyst for encouraging and co-ordinating travel improvements to make rail journeys to ski resorts ever more convenient.

All the travel information on the website has been thoroughly researched, with journey photos taken by Daniel to show what the trains and stations are like. The site’s new Journey Planner, launching in April 2012, is a unique database of hand-researched journeys, showing the best options to each resort on any given date during the season. With over 32 resorts featured in France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Andorra, there are plenty of interesting options. Travelling to the slopes by train is a fun enjoyable experience that creates only a fraction of the pollution of flying or driving. For more information visit: Snowcarbon (

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