Quark Expeditions® Launches Japanese and Russian Websites

Polar Travel Leader Launches Mobile-Responsive Websites for Growing Global Clientele

Quark Expeditions®, the world’s leading polar expedition company, is pleased to announce the launch of two new polar travel websites – one in Japanese, the other in Russian. Its Japanese website and Russian website showcase helpful itineraries and polar travel information, adventure activities and more to better meet the needs of its diverse and growing client base. Both sites are fully responsive, ensuring an optimised experience for tablet and mobile visitors.

Web traffic and bookings from Japan and Russia have increased significantly in the last year, with travelers expressing a need for native-language travel planning information. Quark Expeditions® has also seen a large increase in inquiries via telephone, email and LiveChat from these regions, as well as a 25% increase in web traffic.

“We’re committed to keeping pace with the needs of our passengers, who hail from all corners of the globe,” said Andrew White, Quark Expeditions® president. “We plan to continue expanding our online offerings for global passengers, ensuring that when a person researches and plans a polar expedition, we can offer a natively-translated online information hub to assist them.”

Quark Expeditions® attracts customers from 52 countries, with expeditions primarily operating in English. It offers select French and German departures, and multilingual tour guides based on group needs. The Quark website is now offered in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and now in Russian and Japanese. Quark plans to continue adding content to the sites throughout 2015/16.

“Polar travellers are typically active researchers and want to learn as much as possible about the places and regions they’ll visit,” White said. “We understand the importance of accessing this information in a passenger’s native language, formatted for and accessible on the device of their choice. This is one of the ways in which we’ll continue to service our polar travelers worldwide.”

For more information visit www.quarkexpeditions.com or call 0808 120 2333