Jungle Book Style Adventures to Write Home About

Today’s the day that Disney’s reimagined film of The Jungle Book will be released to UK cinemas. For those of you who (shock horror) haven’t seen the original Disney film or haven’t read Rudyard Kipling’s story (perhaps you have been living in a jungle until now?), The Jungle Book tells the tale of Mowgli, an orphaned human boy who sets out on a quest of self-discovery, encountering both friendly and ferocious animals along the way.

Now we know how much Disney’s films can transport you to faraway, make-believe lands populated with loquacious wildlife who can form a flash mob quicker than you can say “happily ever after”. We also know how disappointing real life seems when the film ends, and you’re no longer in a galaxy far far away, in the 100 acre wood or commandeering a tall ship in the Caribbean, so we thought we’d share some ways where you can really immerse yourself in some jungle experiences. Yes, in real life.

These wildlife excursions are extra special because they have been organised by the Rickshaw Travel team who choose to feature excursions that prioritise the welfare of the animals. Rickshaw Travel has also introduced a new animal welfare policy that will extend to all their trips.


Have an ethical elephant experience and a spring in your step on Colonel Hathi’s March
Rickshaw Travel has addressed the elephant in the room regarding the cruelty surrounding elephant riding. We all love elephants and we all want to tick off those bucket list experiences and share them on social media, but should this be at the expense of animal welfare? The blatant answer is no. This is why Rickshaw Travel has removed all elephant riding from their trips. Travellers can still encounter elephants in a respectful, natural environment on their travels, observing them from a safe distance at Rickshaw Travel approved Nature Parks. On this bite-size trip, travellers can even pamper these elegant creatures by giving them a nice bath. Bubble bath and essential oils not included.


Meet King Louie’s pals and be king of the swingers
No not that kind of swinger. On this orang-utan inspired bite-size trip, travellers will take a walk on the wild side, trekking through dense Sumatran jungle and crossing rushing rivers to meet playful orang-utans swinging between the treetops. You can spend two days exploring the Gunung Leuser National Park and staying in a small hotel on the edge of the rainforest. After a hike into the heart of the jungle, wobbling across wooden bridges and scrambling between the trees, you will eventually arrive at the optimum spot to witness semi-wild orang-utans. Maybe pack a few spare bananas.


Search for Shere Kahn
Ranthambore National Park is one of the few places in the world to see tigers in the wild and is one of the most attractive nature reserves in Northern India. It’s a distinct and unsettling possibility that the tigers of Rajasthan could become extinct in our lifetime. In 2012, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that no new tourist attractions could be created in the tiger areas and only 20% of the tiger habitats can be open to visitors so, as you can imagine, the area has become a coveted landscape. The park has a nostalgic atmosphere, with hideouts that once belonged to maharajas scattered throughout the reserve. These hideouts overlook the lakes used as watering holes by sipping gazelles and occasionally patrolled by majestic tigers on view for a lucky few. Grab your chance to see the eye of the tiger on this bite-size trip.

marari-beach-kerala www.tourstokerala.org

Relax, kid. No need to get worked up” Baloo 2016
If wading through dense jungle isn’t your thing and the only animal observing you like doing is watching cat videos on YouTube, don’t stress. Rickshaw Travel’s new bite-size trip to Marari is THE place to chill out and enjoy an authentic beach break in India. At this friendly fishing village, lined with palm trees and an idyllic and tranquil beach, you can kick back and take it easy, relaxing in a hammock, taking a refreshing dip in the pool or just lazing on the beach. You will stay in a peaceful bungalow on the beach and can eat curry served on banana leaves while sunbathing. Ahhhhh.


Trace the tastes of Kipling’s India
Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay and spent the first five years of his life there. After being educated in Britain, he returned to his birthplace and much of his life in India inspired The Jungle Book. On this bite-size trip you can follow in the footsteps of Kipling and taste truly authentic Mumbai street food on an evening tour through this incredible, vibrant city. You’ll stay in a comfortable hotel in the popular Colaba district, walking distance to the famous Gateway of India and can continue your journey through India by combining a few more of Rickshaw’s trips to create your own itinerary. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired enough to write your own story which will get picked up by Disney. Just make sure the talking animals are treated ethically.