Improve your wellness at Les Villages Nature® Paris, France

A healthy lifestyle is more than just a salad here and a trip to the gym there. Diet, activity and mental wellbeing – the key components to a sound body and mind – are not determined by a singular choice but the sum product of an individual’s decisions.
Situated just 32 km from Paris, Les Villages Nature® Paris combines nature, architecture, sustainability and learning. The unique environment of the park inspires guests to try new sports, sign up to interactive workshops and find out about the environment in the company of family and friends. It also gives them the opportunity to switch off from their day-to-day routine and immerse themselves in the five different worlds within the resort. And at the end of the holiday, visitors can leave feeling encouraged to apply what they have discovered in to their own lives.

The cuisine…
Founded on a belief that fresh, delicious food can be sustainable, the various restaurants and cafés across the park use seasonal ingredients grown on-site whenever possible. The tea room, connected to the Chez Meunier Bakery, is a charming spot to enjoy a freshly-baked pastry on the banks of the sparkling lake and the grocery, at BelleVie farm, sells a tempting selection of regional produce. Plus PUR Etc. offers clean, locally-sourced food and drinks for those wanting a quick, healthy break between activities. The wholesome-eating choices at Les Villages Nature® Paris are extensive, but it is the hands-on courses and activities that will be of the greatest benefit to guests’ healthiness. Learn how to make bread with master bakers, discover edible plants and herbs with expert horticulturists and find out how to make honey with a professional bee keeper. Plus, the seasonal Village Market allows guests to hand pick locally-sourced produce and make delicious home-cooked dishes in the comfort of their self-catered accommodation. All of these insightful experiences can lead to meaningful lifestyle changes at home; long-term improvements to health and wellbeing. Being able to meet the people who work hard to supply the delicious ingredients also offers an insight into the lifecycle of food, and with that comes a greater appreciation for the meal.

Increase quality time…
A dynamic social life is one of the most unappreciated facets of a healthy lifestyle. From activities and adventures to simply having a chat over a tasty meal, Les Villages Nature® Paris creates many of these opportunities for families and friends. For those keen to put their heads together for some collaborative problem solving, the escape-game complex transports contenders back in time to Egypt and Maya to decipher a series of clues to gain their freedom; ingenuity, observational skills and team work will see groups escape before 60 minutes is up. The new Action Factory has been designed for families to explore together; kids (and big kids) can scramble up the 15 climbing blocks, join teams for a game of laser quest and grab some mics and sing along to their favourite songs. Another option is the Treasure Hunt (opening in April 2019), which takes guests on an adventure through the Forest of Legends where a magical portal has opened and explorers must solve riddles to gain the five keys. Plus, the wide range of other options, from quiz nights and mini golf to outdoor games and dance evenings mean families and friends have an extensive choice of ways to spend quality time together.

Try new sports…
Often accompanied by thoughts of arduous hours on the treadmill, guests at Les Villages Nature® Paris can stay active whilst trying new sports and fun activities. From water polo and water basketball in the Aqualagon® (the biggest water park in Europe to be heated entirely with geothermal energy) to the new Ninja Obstacle Race in the Action Factory, where competitors can test their athleticism on the 35-metre acrobatic course. More traditional forms of keeping fit, such as park runs, ‘legs, bums and tums’ classes and swimming lessons, are made more engaging by the eclectic natural surroundings of the park. Enjoyable exercise does not really feel like exercise at all; if guests leave with a new-found hobby, they are more likely to take up regular exercise at home and be healthier for it.

Just chill…
After leaving their daily routine, it will be easy for guests to unwind and de-stress at Les Villages Nature® Paris. A walk through the green forests on site and the vibrant Extraordinary Gardens, showcasing nature at its best, is a great way to begin the holiday. Alternatively, the luxury Deep Nature® Spa, comprising a salt cabin, sauna, hammam, calm area and herbal tea room, offers indulgent treatments for individuals, families and couples. Having partnered with French cosmetics brand, Nougatine, which has a range of treatments specifically adapted for children, the Deep Nature® Spa also welcomes kids (aged 6-14) to sign up for their ‘first spa experience’ with their parents. Mothers, daughters, fathers and sons can chill in a double treatment room and enjoy a 25 or 50-minute massage using delicate skin-friendly oil, before sinking into a hydro-massage bath for a further 25 minutes. Parents with babies (one month old and upwards) can also take part in a baby-massage session, learning how to help relieve stomach ache and manipulate the body. By the end of the session, everyone (whatever their age) will feel rejuvenated and completely relaxed.

Take away some new-found skills…
Leaving Les Villages Nature® Paris with some new-found knowledge is one of the resort’s main goals. Its environmental practices, interesting workshops, outdoor events, home-grown produce and ability to switch off from the outside world mean guests can live in the moment and optimise their wellbeing. With more than 100 activities available, visitors of all ages can take the time to do what makes them happy, from constructing a vertical wall garden, being a farm hand for the day and signing up to a wine tasting introduction to spending time with the gardeners, trying new sports or learning some new moves on the dance floor. Les Villages Nature® Paris will also expand its creative portfolio especially for spring; families can sign up to a terrarium workshop (building a miniature garden in a jar) or become a budding pony rider. Whatever families, friends and individuals choose, everything has been designed in the hope it will inspire them to take these new skills home and integrate them into their routine.

How much during Easter?
Clan Comfort accommodation allows guests to discover their inner child in these whimsical cottages with playful decor situated in the woods.
OFFER: A four-night self-catered stay, arriving 8 April 2019, costs from €929 / £800 total (was €1,319 / £1,136 total – saving 30%) for a family of four (two adults and two children age 3-17).

In Country Premium accommodation, indoors and outdoors flow together to create a relaxing retreat inspired by English country living. These cottages and apartments can be found by the lake or in the woods.
OFFER: A four-night self-catered stay, arriving 8 April 2019, costs from €919 / £791 total (was €1,215 / £1,046 total – saving 24%) for a family of four (two adults and two children age 3-17).

Cocoon VIP is designed with wellbeing in mind, creating a haven of serenity. Soft and elegantly decorated, Cocoon VIP is available as a cottage or apartment by the lake or in the village centre.
OFFER: A four-night self-catered stay, arriving 8 April 2019, costs from €1,199 / £1,033 total (was €1,501 / £1,293 total – saving 20%) for a family of four (two adults and two children age 3-17).

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