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Discover newly opened villas at Pompeii with experts in archaeology Andante Travels

Andante Travels, a leading specialist in archaeological tours, will this year offer their guests the opportunity to visit newly opened villas and buildings at the well-known archaeological site of Pompeii. Archaeology enthusiasts and tourists alike have flocked to Pompeii over the years to see the incredibly well preserved Roman ruins. These recent openings will encourage those who have already visited to return, as well as tempting new visitors in.

Dr Denise Allen, Director of Archaeology at Andante explains why these newly opened buildings are so exciting:

“We are thrilled to have access to these newly opened buildings at Pompeii, which have been closed off to the public in the past due. There are some splendid details to these buildings that our Guide Lecturers will be able to point out to guests, such as the various frescoes with depictions of erotic scenes, the Trojan Wars and the god’s mythology. We are now also able to visit the Suburban baths complete with calidarium, frigidarium and an amazing fake cave covered in glass and mosaics!”

As well as access to these buildings and other familiar sites of Pompeii, Andante’s tour also includes Special Access to the National Museum of Archaeology at Naples which holds an incredible array of incidental objects, statuary and frescoes taken from early excavations at Pompeii & Herculaneum.

Andante Travels runs tours to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Classical Campania throughout the year with prices starting at £1,650 (without flights). All of their tours are led by an Expert Guide Lecturer with specialist knowledge and are accompanied by a Tour Manager. For more information on all of Andante’s tours in 2015 visit www.andantetravels.com.