‘Coolcation’ Craze: Le Boat unveils exclusive 2024 waterway staycations along the Thames in England and the Caledonian Canal in Scotland

‘Coolcation’ Craze: Le Boat unveils exclusive 2024 waterway staycations along the Thames in England and the Caledonian Canal in Scotland

Visit England’s recent domestic sentiment tracker highlights a notable surge in the intention for domestic trips, surpassing those taken in the last 12 months. This aligns seamlessly with Le Boat’s dedication to crafting unforgettable travel experiences within the UK.

70% surge in bookings

A remarkable +70% surge in staycation bookings has been recorded for Le Boat’s staycations year on year, marking a profound shift in travel preferences. This growth, as observed by the boating industry expert Le Boat, mirrors the changing trends in holidays for 2024. For most holidaymakers, summer holidays were always about following the sun, watching the mercury climb and hitting the beach. However, with the intense, record-breaking temperatures of recent years, many are considering travelling in the opposite direction: booking ‘Coolcations’ in temperate destinations, which also benefit from being less crowded. The UK’s waterways are precisely that type of destination especially as no boating licenses or previous experience is required.

As the travel landscape continues to evolve, Le Boat invites customers to discover the allure of ‘Coolcations’ amidst the captivating landscapes of the River Thames, England and Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness, Scotland. With the much-anticipated opening of waterways across the UK for the 2024 season on 23rd March, Le Boat promises an exceptional journey for those seeking a unique ‘Staycation’ experience.

For those curious about the breakdown of this remarkable increase, Le Boat is pleased to share that a substantial portion of the bookings are attributed to both the captivating waterways of Scotland, with bookings up 84% and the illustrious Thames, with bookings up by 61%. The allure of Scotland’s pristine lochs and the historical significance of the Thames have captivated the imaginations of travellers across the nation.

A delightful ‘Coolcation’ from the searing heat and crowds

So why choose a ‘Coolcation’? Picture waking up to the gentle lapping of water against the boat, surrounded by panoramic views of nature. A ‘Coolcation’ offers the unique experience of being both the captain and the explorer, navigating through serene waters and meandering through historic landscapes. With the intense, record-breaking temperatures of recent years, ‘Coolcations’ are the astute choice.

Economical multigenerational holiday

Furthermore, the economical aspect of Le Boat’s ‘Coolcations’ makes them an ideal choice for multigenerational trips. Whether exploring the cultural richness of Scotland or cruising along the Thames, Le Boat’s self-drive boating holidays provide a unique and cost-effective way for families to create lasting memories together while staying closer to home.

A self-drive Thames cruise allows for informative, yet fun, times for the kids. Starting at Le Boat’s base in Chertsey, guests will arrive in historic Windsor in no time, where the whole family can explore Windsor Castle, take a family audio tour, and soak up the town’s royal atmosphere. Fancy some fun? Legoland Windsor Resort and Thorpe Park are both a stone’s throw away. A four-night self-catered cruise on the River Thames, departing on 1 April 2024, starting and ending at Le Boat’s base at Chertsey, on board a Continentale sleeping up to six, arriving 1 April 2024, is priced from £113 pp / £679 per boat (was £859 per boat, saving £180).

Alternatively, those looking for breath-taking natural beauty should head up to Scotland, where the waterways are lined with castles brimming with history and spectacular landscapes. Steeped in Celtic mystery, myth, and legend – such as the tale of the Loch Ness monster – this beautiful region has the majestic mountains of the Scottish Highlands for a backdrop. A seven-night self-catered stay on the Caledonian Canal, starting and finishing at Le Boat’s base in Laggan, on board a Clipper sleeping six, arriving 1 April 2024, is priced from £201 pp / £1,208 per boat (was £1,488 per boat, saving £280). Transport to and from the base is not included*.