Verbier: The first resort in Switzerland to provide a comprehensive range of transportation services to visitors from around the world

From December 2023, as part of its Mobility Plan, Verbier Tourisme will introduce a multi mode of transport booking service developed by Antidots. This innovative booking platform will incorporate all modes of transportation, covering entire journeys from any locations worldwide. As a result, it will now be possible to plan, book, and pay for your journey to Verbier through a single platform.

This solution marks the first integration of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) with a valley lift, specifically the one connecting Le Châble and Verbier. It provides travelers with an all-inclusive transportation package, encompassing train and plane services, VTC and taxi options, car rentals, buses, and coaches, as well as free shuttles and the Châble-Verbier gondola. All of these services are conveniently bundled together on the Go Verbier platform, allowing for a seamless experience with a single payment.

Sustainability and innovation: With this innovative technology, the Swiss resort, twice voted the best in the world, is committing to a positive transformation of its region by prioritising sustainable transportation alternatives. For each transportation combination, Go Verbier will display the calculated CO2 emissions, enhancing the travel experience not only in terms of efficiency (time and cost optimisation) and simplicity but also in environmental responsibility. Travelers will have the choice to opt for a route that is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. While this option already exists for travel in Switzerland via the Swiss railways (excluding planes), the Go Verbier platform is designed for international clientele of the destination, offering them the most environmentally sustainable mobility options available.

As a natural extension of its visionary, impactful, and committed ethos, Verbier Tourisme is positioning itself as a laboratory of ideas and innovation. This is exemplified by the door-to-door multimodal transport booking solution, achievable with just a few clicks, as part of its high-value approach. Developed by Antidots, this easily accessible technology will be seamlessly integrated into the Verbier Tourisme website.

What’s included in Go Verbier:

  • Train: All primary, secondary, and tertiary stations in France (international market), all major international lines (Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, etc.), as well as all train services in the Benelux countries, the UK, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Plane: The flow of nearly 300 airlines will be aggregated into the solution.
  • Major national and international coach services
  • Regional bus networks
  • Valley lift (ski lift) from Le Châble station to Verbier
  • Car hire, with priority given to electric cars
  • Taxis, VTC, Mini Van, private transfers
  • Free intra-station shuttle buses, to ensure last-mile logistics (commissioning during the winter)

In a second phase, as soon as the functionality of the intra-station bus links is operational, will become the destination’s mobility platform as a genuine tool “before and during” the stay. In addition to MaaS, the platform will be able to provide customers with information during their stay, using a brand new mapping technology and a Local MaaS that will make it easy for visitors to get around the area.

Arnaud Walpen, Verbier Tourisme, Head of Promotion, says; “As an international destination, Verbier – Val de Bagnes – La Tzoumaz has to meet the dual challenge of attracting a diverse cosmopolitan clientele and then providing them with the best possible information on mobility once they’re there. Although a single ticket system already exists in Switzerland, we needed to be able to offer a solution for anyone unfamiliar with this system and who needed to combine different types of mobility.

Our destination sought a solution that mirrors our awareness of the impact of tourist mobility and our commitment to making it more sustainable, all while addressing the necessity to streamline the customer journey. It was this pursuit of continuous added value for our visitors and Antidots’ emphasis on digital and technical innovation that led us to choose their solution.

We aspire to enhance information not only for our customers but also for the entire ecosystem of destination partners. Our goal is to instil a sense of reassurance through an efficient, practical solution that simplifies the search and booking process. Equally important to us is having a tool that emphasises sustainable options while providing the opportunity to personalize and build loyalty among our guests.”

Grégory Guzzo, Associate Director of Antidots, says; “With this service developed for Verbier, we take pride in launching our first solution outside France. This new platform addresses a seemingly simple challenge: how can we simplify the journey for visitors from around the globe to reach Verbier and optimise its diverse transportation options?”

Guzzo continues; “As a destination twice voted the best resort in the world, Verbier attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors in both summer and winter, many of whom come from abroad. The goal was to empower them to book their complete itinerary from train to coach or taxi and collective shuttle bus, or the multi mode hub at Le Châble, all the way to their accommodation, using a single platform and making a single payment. Our MaaS (Mobility as a Service) innovation, which integrates various modes of transportation into a single journey, is unprecedented. Travelers can arrive or depart from any destination worldwide, and our technology can accommodate the demand.”

About Verbier: The Verbier-Val de Bagnes-La Tzoumaz destination offers visitors over 300 km² of pleasure skiing and adventure. Discover the destination through six nuggets of diverse and varied charm. Whether you choose cosmopolitan Verbier, accessible Le Châble, wild Haut Val de Bagnes, authentic Bruson, discreet Vollèges or family-friendly La Tzoumaz, there’s a base camp for everyone, so you can enjoy total immersion in Bagnes country! A lively and vibrant destination, its heart beats to the rhythm of the events that punctuate the calendar throughout the year. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, whether you’re looking for extreme sensations or simple pleasures, whether you’re a hipster or a local, whether you’re in the spotlight or out of sight, Verbier is a place where contrasts blossom into a unique bouquet. And that’s Verbier!

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About Antidots: Antidots has been innovating in the field of web engineering for 20 years. Numerous collaborations have resulted in ground-breaking tools and a pioneering system that has no equivalent on the market. Thanks to an interface capable of combining all the commercial, cultural, leisure, transport and accommodation services available in a given area on a single platform, Antidots aims to support and facilitate the daily lives of citizens, travellers, professionals and consumers alike. With this virtuous circle in mind, Antidots is now offering a range of solutions to match: 360°SmartCity, 360°SmartMobility, 360°SmartTravel and 360°SmartEvent.