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This month’s on me! Make November alcohol-free and boost The Alcohol Education Trust

Make November a month to remember by supporting the “Dryvember” challenge. The Alcohol Education Trust, which works with more than 500,000 kids across the UK, is aiming to support a further 25,000 children across 100 schools in London to alleviate childhood poverty. The charity has teamed up with The Childhood Trust to declare November “Dryvember “– and to encourage all of us to have a go at giving up alcohol in the countdown to Christmas!

As part of The Big Give Christmas Challenge, Dryvember is a chance for all of us to raise funds for and awareness of the work of the Alcohol Education Trust . . . while giving our bodies a break from alcohol in the process!

The Dryvember pretox challenge encourages participants to ditch the drink for the whole month, but of course can be tailored to suit your needs too. So if you don’t want to give up for the whole month, why not try a marathon of 26 days (that allows four days off for special occasions), a half marathon of 13 days, or even just a week’s break during Alcohol Awareness Week, from November 17-23?

Dryvember is the perfect opportunity to highlight the work of The Alcohol Education Trust, who work tirelessly to equip young people with the knowledge and skills required to form a healthy and responsible relationship with alcohol.

Early drinking among younger teenagers has shown to have huge knock-on effects, often leading to smoking, poor grades and risky behaviours such as underage sex.

Active in schools throughout Britain, the AET’s social norms based and holistic approach to alcohol education aims to ensure teachers, parents and secondary school students all have access to the very best resources, support and information to help delay the uptake of drinking among kids.

Also supporting the campaign are The Big Give and The Childhood Trust, who have pledged to match every donation made.

It’s not just the Alcohol Education Trust who will benefit from Dryvember.  Participants are bound to reap the rewards of a booze-free month; saving money is almost guaranteed, while weight-loss and improvements in general health are added bonuses. All ideal in the run-up to the festive party season!

Why not donate the cost of your favourite drink to Dryvember, and pop the rest in a piggybank for a bit of Christmas indulgence? With all that extra time on your hands, you might even discover a new hobby or hidden talent – Dryvember is the perfect time to try something new.

Even if you don’t want to give up alcohol, you can still support the campaign.  Why not experiment with mocktails, and send in pictures of the result with a donation by texting DRY to 70660 a £ and an amount?  #alcofreeselfie are all the rage this season – with prizes promised for the best ones.

Whether your glass is half full or half empty, signing up to Dryvember is easy.  There’s nothing to lose – aside from unwanted weight and hellish hangovers! Sign up via http://www.alcoholeducationtrust.org/dryvember/sign-up-now/

Helena Conibear, Director said on the launch of Dryvember ‘Our talkaboutalcohol programme really helps keep kids safe around alcohol – 88% of adults drink in the UK, so we know it is the one thing they will  all encounter as they get older. School is the one place we can reach every child, so help us train teachers and reach out to parents too by supporting www.dryvember.com

For more information on the Dryvember challenge, visit www.dryvember.com

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Donation http://www.alcoholeducationtrust.org/dryvember/donate/

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