Think on your happy feet with Rental Republic

When your head and your heart expect to be thrilled by the very best in skiing or boarding, your feet deserve to be gently guided into the highest quality equipment . . . that’s why Rental Republic, the Most Buff Ski Butlers in the Alps, promise to give you Happy Feet!

Putting your best foot forward is one of those bamboozling directions for a better life. How do you tell which foot is the good looking one or secret sudoku champion? Even the phrase itself – it’s not our better foot, but our best – suggests we each have at least three feet to choose from! While being a human tripod might aid nervous beginners on the ski slopes, the rest of us have to make do with just ten toes at best!

That’s why we all need a Prince Charming, someone who promises to deliver the footwear our feet have always dreamed of, direct to our chalet door . . . that’s why we need the professionals from Rental Republic.

These royal footmen and women have been specially trained in foot morphology in the UK to offer not just the finest, bespoke boots, skis and boards, best suited to our personal needs, but also the most up-to-date advice on that all-important first fitting and daily, comfortable use . . . all in the luxurious environment of our holiday destination.

Conversing in the client’s native tongue – no more having to sign language how you are leaning forwards or you can no longer feel your toes! – the Rental Republic team are experts in debunking the myths and giving you the facts about boot fitting.

Here are the top 3 tips to make your dream snowsports holiday go downhill in the best way possible!

1. Make friends for your feet: If you find your boots stubbornly refuse to play ball first thing in the morning, this could be due to a temper tantrum at being left out in the cold all night. The boot exterior stiffens up when cold and the foam liner becomes denser, making it a particularly inhospitable environment for your delicate tootsies. So don’t be shy: invite your boots into your chalet or boot room where they will be safe and warm and only to happy to snuggle on to your feet next morning for a fun day on the slopes.

2. It’s their first time: be gentle! You may be eager and excited, but try not to over-tighten your boots for your very first run. Instead, keep them loose enough that you can comfortably place your fingers down the back of each boot and against your calf when you adopt the sking or riding position.

After that exhilarating first run the boots will have probably loosened up a bit on life and this is when you should stop and tighten them up. The biggest advantage to this gentle approach is you slowly restrict the blood flow to your extremities in a controlled fashion rather than all at once. This allows your feet time to adjust and will greatly reduce the amount of cramp you might experience, particularly on the first couple of days, as your body adjusts.

3. Don’t lose your grip on things: When you finally tear yourself away from the thrills and spills, either to get on a chair lift or stop for a spot of lunch, resist the temptation to undo your boots completely. Instead skiers should undo only the bottom two boot clips, leaving then notched into the same ratchet clip ready to clip back down when you are ready to go again. Similarly, snowboarders can simply release a little tension on their strings.

But why, you may ask, why? Well, because your feet won’t swell into big red balloons with the sudden rush of blood. There will be enough flow to avoid cramp. And you can wriggle your tootsies. What’s more, as soon as you’re ready to get back to it, your feet will be too!

If they know their stuff, Rental Republic technicians also have the right stuff! The team always travel with a wide range of boots for all shapes and sizes and they will happily take time to help you find your best match, as you take your pick from all the latest brands and models available.

That’s not all! Your Rental Republic guru will remain on call throughout your stay in the resort, just in case you need their advice – that’s on call throughout the day and well into the evening, with a guaranteed one-hour response time!

As Cab Calloway, and every happy little penguin, knows: “Happy Feet deserve happy feet!” So go online with your holiday dates and where you are staying and let Rental Republic do the rest.

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