The Smart Way to Experience Adventure on Your Doorstep

Online adventure marketplace Beyonk is the newest and smartest way to find and book adventure experiences on your doorstep and beyond. The innovative start-up helps users make the most of their limited free-time by connecting them with qualified, passionate guides. With a focus on local adventure, there are nearly a hundred experiences on offer, making it easy for those with busy lives to disconnect and to get active outdoors.

Co-founders Oscar White and Antony Jones met on an adventure bound plane to Sardinia where a bond was formed and Beyonk was born. They share a love for micro-adventures and a strong belief that doing something great doesn’t always mean travelling to the other side of the world. However, they had also both experienced the frustration of researching and booking short trips in the UK. Their answer was to create one central platform to help adventure-seekers find accessible, high-quality experiences on their doorsteps.

White began by building relationships with some of the best adventure leaders across the UK. He identified a collection of unique and accessible experiences that would appeal to those with busy schedules and those that want to make the most of their limited free time. Meanwhile, Jones developed the Beyonk platform using the latest web technology, allowing for a hassle-free search and booking experience that not even the most advanced companies have yet adopted.

The Beyonk team have worked hard to ensure that every detail of every transformative adventure is taken care of, meaning it is easy for anyone to simply book and go. Think train station pick-ups, equipment ready on arrival and local expert guides on hand throughout to answer any question. Adventures start from just £30 per person, with a range of camping, hiking, climbing, biking and paddle-based experiences available to all. The majority of adventures take place in the UK over one to three days with accommodation normally included, and all can be confirmed seamlessly and at short notice, without the need to speak to an agent.

The Beyonk platform went live in June 2018 for early user testing with the full commercial launch taking place in January. Despite no initial promotion, there is already excitement amongst consumers and there has been significant interest from the adventure travel industry. The number of UK guides joining the marketplace has grown exponentially and the company has demonstrated its global appeal, with guides as far away as the Arctic Circle and Nepal now using the platform.

Oscar White, Co-Founder, Beyonk said “We believe healthy, active lifestyles are integral to both physical and mental wellbeing, empowering people to make the most of their time on this rock. At Beyonk, we’re making it easy to discover the best adventures, both on your doorstep and further afield, with qualified and passionate adventure leaders. We are changing the image of adventuring, making it truly accessible to everyone. “

Sample Adventure:

Canoe and Wild Camp on the River Medway (Hosted by Adventure Guide James Hewson). 

A slice of wilderness, open fires and Tipi wild camping! Paddle through the meadows of the Medway Valley, on this canoe and wild camp adventure. Enjoy meals cooked over a camp fire and a true feeling of getting away from it all on this fun-filled weekend. Available on selected 2019 dates. Book now


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