Take a culinary tour of Italy in Alta Badia with a new twist on ‘a taste for skiing’ #madeinitaly


Alta Badia’s gourmet initiative ‘A Taste For Skiing’ is back for the 2014-15 season…with a twist. This winter the resort has partnered with Le Soste; the association that groups together the creme de la creme of Italian Michelin starred chefs working in Italy and abroad. Together they aim to create a foodie journey that will explore the ancient traditions of Italian cuisine from across the country.

Participating Michelin Star chefs from Alta Badia, Verona, Milan, Modena, Lombardy, Siciliy and other Italian towns and regions will create their menus based on their individual regional backgrounds. Food will become a medium for storytelling with the dishes and associated wines reflecting the traditions of the regions they represent and the chef’s own story. Each chef’s creation will be allocated to a mountain hut, where it will feature on the menu for the duration of the winter season. The dish will be paired with two wines; one from the chef’s home region and one from South Tyrol, both carefully chosen to compliment the flavours of the food.

Alta Badia - A taste for skiing_by Daniel Töchterle

Alta Badia – A taste for skiing_by Daniel Töchterle

Meet the chefs on a Gourmet Ski Safari: 14 December 2014

The Gourmet Ski Safaris officially kicks off the food season in Alta Badia on 14 December 2014. Five Michelin starred chefs will cook up their exquisite traditional Italian dishes in five dedicated mountain huts while keen skiers, snowboarders and gourmands slide from hut to hut sampling each creation. There will also be the opportunity to meet the chef behind the dish, hear their personal story and inspiration for the food and even pick up a cooking trade secret or two.

Tickets for the Gourmet Ski Safaris include five gourmet dishes (one from each of the participating huts) and complimentary wine.

The best way to start the day is still ‘Breakfast with Powder Snow’

‘Breakfast with powder snow’ will be available throughout the 2014-15 winter season in participating mountain huts. It’s a great excuse to be first on the slopes and indulge in a hearty South Tyrolean breakfast before making first tracks in the fresh snow.



Other Alta Badia events for skiers with an appetite:

18-23rd January: The 10th edition of ‘Chef’s Cup Südtirol’

The Chef’s Cup Südtirol was created in 2004 with the aim of bringing chefs together to discuss the changes and development in Haute Cuisine. The brainchild of 2 Michelin star chef Norbert Niedekofler, the Audi Chef’s Cup Südtirol is now an established gourmand and lifestyle event and is an occasion when great chefs, companies and the public come together to celebrate and advance the world of gastronomy. Alta Badia will host the 2015 event and become the home of haute cuisine for six days. Guests will have the opportunity to take part in a packed programme of activities from sampling the food of umpteen star-studded chefs, take part in a food ski safaris, cooking classes, sit in on food conferences and dance on the mountain to some local music. Visit its website for more info.

15th March:  ‘Roda dles Saûs’ is back for a week

The Roda dles Saûs ski safari is an event focused on traditional Ladin cuisine and will be available the week beginning 15th March in the Santa Croce huts. Ladin cuisine takes centre stage in the various mountain huts peppered across the lesser known Santa Croce ski area. Skiers will have the opportunity to taste dishes which originated in the heart of the Dolomites, made to old family recipes and paired with the best South Tyrolean wines. Skiers can buy a ticket from the participating huts which is valid for the whole week and includes 3 dishes. The dishes will be presented on the 15th March accompanied by traditional music at the huts.

29th March: The fine food season will end late March with the ‘Wine Ski Safari’

The ‘Wine Ski Safari’ is a day dedicated solely to celebrating the fine wines that have accompanied foodies along their culinary journey throughout the winter. South Tyrolean wines stand out for their superb quality due to the favourable climate, fertile soil and the care and dedication shown by winemakers. The best white, red and sparkling wines can be tasted at participating mountain huts while a variety of bands from different music genres serenade skiers on the way.

Visit Alta Badia’s website for more information.

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