Step Into Spring, at Les Villages Nature® Paris, in France

After the dank days of winter, March, April and May are an ideal time to visit Les Villages Nature® Paris. As soon as guests arrive, they can make the most of the fresh green leaves, breathe in the sweet-smelling plants and look out for the colourful butterflies. The Extraordinary Gardens, especially, will be awash with different blossoms complimenting the four Greek elements: fire, water, earth and air. Knowledgeable gardeners will be found hard at work making sure everything is flourishing but are more than happy to share tips and answer questions. Plus, those with green fingers might be inspired to sign up to one of the friendly classes or identify the pictures of plants on the information boards for the Photo Rally, starting on 26 April 2020.  

For those interested in animals, BelleVie Farm is the perfect destination. Home to cows, chickens, rabbits and more, kids (and big kids) might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of chicks starting to hatch or a new calf joining the herd. Although families are more than welcome to wander around and meet the many residents, there are plenty of workshops to sign up to as well, such as Farmhand for a Day (age 6-11), Pony Riding (age 3-13) and Gardening with the Seasons (age 4 plus).  

The Forest of Legends is an ideal place to burn off some steam and put creative minds to the test. The bright outdoor play area comprises slides, rope bridges and hanging nests ideal for all ages. Parents and children can practise their teamwork (and survival skills) and learn how to build and decorate their own hut (age 6 plus). And don’t miss The Forest Show, a fun, interactive play based on the characters that dwell deep in the trees (suitable for all ages).

A visit to Les Villages Nature® Paris would not be complete without a trip to the Aqualagon®. With an impressive total surface area of 9,000 m2, it is the biggest water park in Europe to be heated entirely with geothermal energy and offers a whirlpool of water-based activities. Although the pool remains at a toasty 30°C throughout the year, it is always more pleasant being in the outdoor section when the weather is a little warmer and brighter. Adults can try some of the fitness activities including Aqua Bike and Aqua Jump, while kids can have a swimming lesson or learn what it takes to be a Lifeguard for a Day (age 10-16). A Spring Pool Party will take place every Wednesday during April 2020. Costing €6 pp, swimmers can spend the evening (8.15 pm to 10.30 pm) dancing to the DJ’s music whilst playing with giant unicorn inflatables and glittery rubber rings.   

After an exhilarating day the Lakeside Promenade beckons. Home to a selection of restaurants and a series of activities (including Bowling, Escape Rooms and the Action Factory), it is an ideal place to share memories and spend some quality time with family and friends. Children (up to 11 years of age) can join in with the Egg Hunt on 12 April 2020, plus kids (age four and above) can craft a photo frame or keyring out of environmentally-friendly materials throughout the Easter holidays. Guests can also hire one of the boats to explore the glistening lake or even give Stand Up Paddle boarding a go.

Les Villages Nature® Paris is a car-free resort; the best way to travel is by bike or electric cart. Guests can bring their own two-wheeled transport or rent one of the bicycles (for all ages) from the resort. Pedal around the quiet paths in the spring sunshine and enjoy being at one with nature.  

The immersive, enchanting experience extends beyond the five worlds, as all accommodation at Les Villages Nature® Paris continues the natural theme and is the perfect place to enjoy the flora and fauna (right up to the patio doors):

Clan Comfort accommodation allows guests to discover their inner child in these whimsical cottages with playful decor situated in the woods.
HOW MUCH? A four-night self-catered stay, arriving 13 April 2020, costs from €1,512 / £1,277 for a family of four (two adults and two children age 3-17).

In Country Premium accommodation, indoors and outdoors flow together to create a relaxing retreat inspired by English country living. These cottages and apartments can be found by the lake or in the woods.
HOW MUCH? A four-night self-catered stay, arriving 13 April 2020, costs from €1,575 / £1,331 total for a family of four (two adults and two children age 3-17).

Cocoon VIP is designed with wellbeing in mind, creating a haven of serenity. Soft and elegantly decorated, Cocoon VIP is available as a cottage or apartment by the lake or in the village centre.
HOW MUCH? A four-night self-catered stay, arriving 13 April 2020, costs from €1,809 / £1,528 total for a family of four (two adults and two children age 3-17).

For more information about Les Villages Nature® Paris and to book, please call 0845 351 0820 or visit