Khaosok floating hut Thailand

Rickshaw Travel Continues To Preserve Community Based Tourism in Thailand

The Community Based Tourism joint venture between the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Rickshaw Travel aims to promote local tourism in various communities in Thailand as opposed to focusing on the customary Thai tourist hot spots, which have gained popularity over the years, with travellers arriving in search of their own piece of paradise, often inspired by Alex Garland’s novel, The Beach.
The promotion of local Thai experiences will not only benefit travellers holidaying in Thailand, but also the Thai people. The community-based bite sized trips, will allow visitors (of which there were an estimated 29 million people of different nationalities in 2015 according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand) to engage with the local people and learn about their way of life, thus bringing about meaningful travel experiences and contributing to sustainable development.

Meaningful Travel lies at the heart of Rickshaw Travel’s philosophy. The Brighton-based tour operator is passionate about supporting the preservation of local communities, minimising the harmful effects of tourism both socially and environmentally, and ensuring that Rickshaw Travel trips are responsible, authentic – and of course fun! Through meaningful travel practices Rickshaw Travel wishes to bring travellers closer to the country and community they’re visiting. Each of their trips encompasses this meaningful travel ethos in some way, whether it’s the chance to stay in an eco-friendly resort that supports the local environment, journey into the soul of the countryside to lend a hand with a local farmer, stay in a family home or visit a community based project, Rickshaw’s hand picked experiences give travellers a unique and heart-warming opportunity to get to the heart of a destination.

Chris Lee, Head of Marketing, The Tourism Authority of Thailand says “It is our responsibility to ensure that tourism impacts on the local community in a positive way so that it improves their quality of life. By engaging with the Thai people and learning about their way of life, tourists will have a more meaningful experience whilst contributing to sustainable development. By working with our preferred partner, Rickshaw Travel, we are ensuring that provinces all over Thailand receive the benefits of tourism whilst maintaining their traditional way of life.”

A community-based tourism press trip
Rickshaw Travel together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Eva Air are hosting a unique Community Based Tourism press trip to Thailand from 21st March to 29th March 2017. The press trip aims to showcase Rickshaw Travel’s community based trips in Thailand. The itinerary is to be packed with adventure from tuk-tuks and tail boat trips on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok to travelling by air conditioned sleeper train, where you’ll be rocked to sleep by the train’s gentle movement all the way to Surat Thani, after a fond farewell from the inhabitants of bustling Bangkok.

Immerse yourself in jungle life in Khao Sok National Park in Western Surat Thani Province
A visit to the jungle to overnight in the Anurak Community Lodge spectacular accommodation, in a hidden location, amongst the imposing limestone cliffs, is a magical experience. The staff and guides are from the local community and offer a wealth of knowledge about their homeland. The following day a trip to Lake Racha Praba, by boat over still waters, will be a wonderful memory, as within a couple of hours, guests will arrive at their next night’s accommodation, a floating bungalow. After a traditional Thai lunch, a guide will escort a walk through the dense jungle, past bamboo groves and beneath giant trees. A peaceful night will be spent in a floating bamboo cottage, whilst monkeys swing through vines overhead!
Visit the Giant Trees & Lakes of Khao Sok link for more details of Rickshaw Travel’s bite sized trip. A four day, three night trip includes transfers, meals, English speaking guide and accommodation.

Enjoy a village homestay and appreciate villagers’ hard work and pride in maintaining their fishing practices
What better way to learn about rural life in Thailand than on an authentic homestay! lf an hour from Surat Thani, a night in a small fishing village with a Thai family is set to take place, offering the opportunity to be immersed in a real traditional Thai setting, and even help catch fish for dinner! Travellers will go back to basics, sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and during their stay a local guide escorts visitors to see the village’s community project, where the villagers clean the river and mangroves to ensure their fishing practices are maintained, exploring the area, the guide will probably proudly show off, all the positive effects of their hard work.
Visit the Village Life by the River experience for more details of Rickshaw Travel’s bite sized trip. This two day, one night trip includes transfers, an excursion, some meals, English speaking guide and accommodation.
Other community-based trips on offer in Thailand by Rickshaw Travel, which don’t fall into the press trip are based around an authentic homestay experience in the Thai countryside and a trip to Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

To know me, come live with me
Travellers will stay with a Thai-Dutch family in Den Chai. The homestay is run in a sustainable, eco-friendly way and visitors have their own bedroom and share a bathroom. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience real life in rural Thailand and why not jump on a bike and explore the untouched, rugged countryside. Visit the At home with the Thai experience for more details of Rickshaw Travel’s bite sized trip. This three day, two night trip includes transfers, an excursion, some meals, English speaking guide and accommodation.

Help to protect and preserve Thailand’s gentle giants
In keeping with Rickshaw Travel’s ethos to support responsible tourism, a trip to Elephant Nature Park in Changai will provide the ideal opportunity to see Asian elephants in their natural habitat. Rickshaw Travel has signed a pledge with World Animal Protection to stop offering elephant riding in their bite sized trips. Elephant Nature Park in Changai aids the rehabilitation of the elephants whilst providing education to locals and tourists alike, as well as much needed income to keep these gentle giants in fruit! . The park’s mission is to promote sustainable elephant-friendly tourism by rescuing and caring for elephants that have previously been mistreated in camps and circuses. The park is home to more than 35 elephants and travellers can walk with them, watch them play and even prepare them a tasty lunch. Rickshaw Travel has chosen to support Elephant Nature Park as a Thailand local project through Save Elephant Foundation. Rickshaw were thrilled to receive a grand total of just over £2,000 which was donated to the project last year. Visit the Elephant Encounters in Chiang Mai experience for more details of Rickshaw Travel’s bite sized trip.
This three day, two night trip includes breakfast, an English speaking guide, accommodation and an Excursion to Elephant Nature Park with guide, lunch and return transfers.

Rickshaw Travel’s specialists will always be at hand to give advice and answer questions. A minimum of three bite-size trips is required to build a personalised itinerary with Rickshaw Travel. International flights are not included but can be arranged.
To see the full range of trips and itineraries please visit: or call Rickshaw Travel’s team of experts on: 01273 934 823.