Megève, in France, is the land of Gastronomy, innovative cooking and local producers

Renowned for its blend of traditional Savoyard flavours and contemporary gastronomy, Megève, nestled in the French Alps, offers a culinary experience that is as charming as its picturesque surroundings. Local ingredients, including artisanal cheeses, succulent meats, and fresh Alpine produce, form the heart of its cuisine. Visitors can indulge in classic dishes like fondue and raclette, which celebrate the rich pastoral heritage of the region. However, Megève’s culinary landscape also embraces innovation, with talented chefs infusing modern techniques and international influences into their creations. From the charming ambiance of traditional Alpine huts, to the pinnacle of refinement found in its Michelin-starred restaurants, the village caters to every palate. Read on to discover some of Megève’s greatest restaurants and culinary experiences.

Discover one of the world’s best restaurants
Recently, Megève’s Flocons de Sel has been awarded for some of its fantastic achievements in dining and gastronomy. Flocons de Sel was ranked number 80 in the top 100 restaurants in the world by Condé Nast Traveller Magazine earlier this year. Flocons de Sel stands as a culinary beacon, embodying the art of refined dining. Under the visionary guidance of Chef Emmanuel Renaut, this three-Michelin-starred restaurant is a celebration of haute cuisine intertwined with a deep reverence for local ingredients. With an unwavering commitment to seasonality and innovation, Flocons de Sel’s menu dances between tradition and avant-garde, creating a symphony of flavours that reflect the Alpine landscape. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance and impeccable service enhance the dining experience, making Flocons de Sel a destination where gastronomy becomes a harmonious blend of creativity and authenticity, inviting guests to savour every moment in this gastronomic haven. A tasting menu is priced from €310/£267 pp.

Try a new and exciting dining concept
Julien Gatillon’s “Nous” concept presents a culinary masterpiece that transcends traditional dining boundaries. “Nous” is more than a restaurant; it’s an immersive journey that elevates gastronomy to an art form, Julien invites diners into his home to sit around a single table accommodating up to 12 people. With a steadfast dedication to sustainability and local sourcing, the Chef crafts his dishes as a symphony of flavours, textures, and visual aesthetics. Each plate is a canvas, capturing the essence of the surrounding landscape and the changing seasons. “Nous” seamlessly marries contemporary culinary innovation with a deep respect for the region’s culinary heritage, offering an unforgettable dining experience that is both intimate and inspiring, leaving guests with a profound connection to the natural beauty and flavours of Megève. An immersive journey at “Nous” costs from €250/£215 pp.

Indulge in Japanese cuisine on the mountainside
Tigrr Princess stands as a truly exceptional culinary gem nestled amidst the slopes of Megève, artfully intertwining the allure of Japan with the awe-inspiring Alpine beauty of the French Alps. This gastronomic haven offers a captivating fusion of flavours where Japanese culinary mastery harmonizes with the authentic-local essence. Amid the breath-taking panoramas, Tigrr Princess provides a sanctuary like no other, presenting exquisite dishes that mirror the craftsmanship of both cultures. From savouring meticulously crafted sushi rolls against a panoramic backdrop to relishing comforting bowls of ramen amidst the mountain’s embrace, Tigrr Princess brings diners on a culinary adventure. Starters are priced from €15/£13 each and mains are priced from €25/£21.50 each.

Experience Megève’s authentic charm
Le Refuge du Calvaire offers a refined yet welcoming dining experience. This hidden gem radiates tranquillity, extending an invitation for patrons to immerse themselves in an authentic Alpine gastronomic experience. The restaurant encapsulates the very essence of Savoyard cuisine, focusing on sourcing locally and adhering to time-honoured recipes. For those seeking a truly genuine taste of the region, Le Refuge du Calvaire stands as an unparalleled haven of gastronomic excellence amidst the picturesque backdrop of Megève. Dishes are priced from €20/£17 and the menu of the day is €25/£21.50.

Enjoy a riverside brunch
Le River is the ultimate riverside brunch spot. Its idyllic location by the water makes it the perfect haven for a relaxing and enjoyable mid-morning meal. The combination of the tranquil surroundings and a well-curated menu ensures a memorable brunch experience, where the gentle murmur of the river perfectly complements the culinary delights on offer. Le River focuses on serving healthy cuisine in a gourmet fashion, think artfully plated avocado toast and expertly crafted salads. Dishes are priced from €17/£14.

Sample local products
Gaec les Alpagistes, founded by young Megève farmers, specialises in crafting exceptional dairy products. Their farm began with 20 dairy cows in 2008, but led by head farmer Guillaume’s passion for Alpine pastures, they expanded to 40 Tarine and Abondance dairy cows in winter and 80 during summer. The farm embodies dedication to crafting quality products, with life in mountain pastures being essential. Since 2017 they’ve embraced winter Reblochon crafting, and their small farm shop offers visitors the chance to taste the fruits of their labour. The farm store is open all year round from Monday to Saturday and sells a variety of locally products. 

Tickled your tastebuds? Don’t miss the Toquicimes food festival this year
This autumn,Toquicimes festival will return to Megève for its sixth helping, from 20-22 October 2023. Celebrating the region’s finest flavours and best-local produce, the three-day event will bring together the best chefs and artisan food producers from Megève and the wider area. The theme of this year’s festival is “Toquicimes to the farm”; holidaymakers can expect live cooking demonstrations, tasting sessions, workshops, foodie competitions and a variety of live entertainment throughout. The Toquicimes food festival is free to attend, programme of workshops TBC.

Go There: Megève is only an hour and a quarter from Geneva Airport, which benefits from direct, low-cost flight access from London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol and Leeds. Return flights from London Gatwick to Geneva with easyJet are priced from £57 pp. 


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