Launch of the Verbier winter 2021-2022 campaign

Verbier – Val de Bagnes – La Tzoumaz has launched its campaign for winter 2021-2022. Once again, Verbier Tourism has worked closely with Buzz Brother to provide original and offbeat content to promote the destination. Through largely digital communications focused mainly on the Swiss market, although not forgetting our international guests, the campaign aims to highlight all facets of our destination, with a follow-up campaign planned for summer 2022.

Verbier Infinite Playground. The enormity of what lies ahead must be highlighted: from the wild Upper Val de Bagnes, through the traditional villages around the Dranse de Bagnes, family-friendly La Tzoumaz or cosmopolitan Verbier. Verbier has the distinction of being at the heart of an infinite playground, filled with activities, unique personalities and unusual, stylish or fun places to experience. A region where you can be as passionate, creative or rebellious as you like, and then re-energise yourself surrounded by grandiose, inspiring natural spaces. This is Verbier.

The sheer scale and variety of the area to explore is equally matched by the wide diversity of our visitors. Different people from different worlds, perhaps even opposites, gather in one place, people who might not normally meet in the same destination, yet mingle here to become a unique group. After a day of freeriding for some, an afternoon at the spa, shopping or returning from ski touring for others, people from different backgrounds can meet up in the same bar or restaurant in the evening. A destination of contrasts, Verbier offers a wealth of activities ranging from ultimate relaxation to maximum adventure, combined with a rich variety of visitors and personalities.

To capture this diversity and these contrasts, we have brought the destination to life through some of our local characters who are unique, almost humorous, and yet seem to fit in well in Verbier. You could meet the carefree freerider sitting at a table during a long raclette evening, after having spent the day blasting on the snowy slopes around Verbier. Or spot the elderly lady who walks up the Rue de Médran in the morning with her snowboard in hand, and walks back down in the evening, stopping to buy a few items in the best shops in the resort.

Whether you’re looking for thrills, are called by the wilderness, or you’re seeking authenticity, relaxation or simply the best après-ski, there’s something for everyone; even those who want a little bit of all of the above. And that’s Verbier.

All campaign assets will be posted on this portal as they are unveiled to the public through all Verbier’s multimedia channels.