Kitzbühel Unveils Summer Spectacle: A Harmonious Blend of Luxury and Adventure

As summer unfolds, Kitzbühel emerges as a premier destination, inviting travellers to indulge in a tapestry of experiences. Renowned for its winter allure, the Alpine gem reveals a new facet, offering crystal-clear waters, alpine pastures, and invigorating air. This summer, Kitzbühel transforms into an enchanting playground for connoisseurs and adventure seekers alike.

Immerse yourself in the golfing spirit at the Alps’ Golf Paradise in Kitzbühel. With four world-class golf courses, 54 diverse holes, and exclusive accommodations, Kitzbühel stands as a haven for golf enthusiasts. Whether teeing off at the iconic 18-hole Golf Course Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith, conquering the Red Bull Golf Course on the legendary Streif downhill race track, or celebrating the 50th anniversary of Rasmushof, each golfing experience is crafted for discerning tastes.

Kitzbühel embraces sustainability at the Golf Course Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith, intertwining originality and species protection. Vibrant flower meadows for beehives and a plastic-free environment since summer 2023 showcase the commitment to environmental stewardship. Indulge in culinary delights at clubhouses that elevate the golfing experience to a gastronomic journey.

With more than 1,000 km of hiking trails, Kitzbühel will make hikers’ hearts leap for joy and offer a multitude of options for summer hiking. Be it gentle grass mountains, refreshing mountain lakes, panoramic hikes on Kitzbüheler Horn or hiking along contour lines on Hahnenkamm – the alpine world of Kitzbühel is varied, beckons to enjoy yet also has plenty of challenges for the sports-minded. The three highlights include : The Kitzbüheler Horn, the Hahnenkamm and the Kitzbühel South Mountains.

Keep reading to discover the latest news and must do activities this summer…

Summer News

New HENRI Hotel opening

This summer the HENRI Hotel is set to open, in Kitzbühel, HENRI Kitzbühel exclusively offers bed and breakfast accommodation with an afternoon snack. The hotel will offer a new modern concept, which aims to appeal to a younger or young-at-heart audience that values affordability. Prices will start from €89 / £76 per person in summer and €120 / £103 per person in winter and will operate year-round. Due to its direct location at the train station, sustainability is a priority, and the hotel will offer packages in collaboration with OEBB/DB. The design will be a blend of modern and traditional elements, reviving the long-standing history of the “Klaußners” hotel. In the long term, the hotelier also plan to open a modern cafe/restaurant with small events, catering to the local population as well. For more information, visit:

New restaurant Les Deux Brasserie & Bar Kitzbühel

Les Deux Kitzbühel is a contemporary French brasserie and bar located in the charming town of Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria. The restaurant offers modern interpretations of classic French dishes in an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere. With its stylish ambiance, it has quickly become a hot spot for locals and visitors alike. Guests can enjoy fine French cuisine, a well-curated wine selection, and impeccable service. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a place to unwind with friends, Les Deux Kitzbühel promises an exquisite culinary journey. For more information, visit: Les Deux Kitzbühel.

40th anniversary of the Alpenblumengarten Alpine Flower Garden
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Alpenblumengarten (Alpine Flower Garden), perched atop the Kitzbüheler Horn. Showcasing over 400 native alpine plant species, this serene garden offers captivating blooms, panoramic views, and a family-friendly experience.

Activities not to be missed

Take a culinary hike: The 3-course tour

Discover the scenic beauty and exquisite regional cuisine with the exclusive 3-course tour through the captivating Kitzbühel South Mountains. This hiking experience takes participants on a journey from the enchanting Bichlalm, through the Wildlife Park, concluding at the renowned Hallerwirt. As you traverse through this picturesque landscape, be prepared for breathtaking panoramas and leisurely walks that perfectly complement the awaiting gourmet delights. The tour promises a fusion of impressive vistas and culinary excellence, providing a holistic experience for nature enthusiasts and food connoisseurs alike. Prices TBC. For more information visit:

 Enjoy breakfast in the mountains

Embark on a sensory journey amidst the breath-taking Kitzbühel Alps as the first rays of sunlight grace the mountain peaks, signalling the start of a perfect day. With over 60 charming huts nestled across the Kitzbühel, Wilder Kaiser, Brixental, Hohe Salve, and Kufsteinerland regions, guests are invited to savour a delightful mountain breakfast experience. From rustic farmhouse bread accompanied by fresh butter to tantalizing herb spreads, jams, cheeses, and savoury bacon, each bite offers a taste of alpine indulgence. Advanced reservations are recommended, especially for groups of 8 or more, and guests are advised to verify opening hours directly with the hut host prior to their visit for an uninterrupted experience of alpine tranquillity and culinary delight. For more information visit:

Unlock adventure with the Sonnenrast Trails

Kitzbühel and Kirchberg proudly introduced the Sonnenrast Trails last year, marking a significant milestone in the region’s commitment to enhancing summer offerings. As part of a comprehensive master plan supported by the LEADER program and the State of Tyrol, the Sonnenrast Trails represent a collaborative effort by the BIKE ARGE association, including Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel, Kitzbühel Tourism, Tourism Association Kitzbüheler Alpen – Brixental, the City of Kitzbühel, and the Municipality of Kirchberg in Tyrol, with Allegra overseeing the process. The inaugurated Sonnenrast Trails, comprising the MTB Family Area Streiteck and two trails around the Sonnenrast Chairlift, provide a diverse biking experience. The MTB Family Area Streiteck, covering 1.4 km, caters to beginners and intermediates, offering a space for practice and experimentation. The Sonnenrast Trail, a 1.8 km long flow trail, features banked curves, playful rollers, wooden bridges, a spectacular wooden spiral, and breath-taking panoramic views. Adjacent to it is the Streiteck Trail (0.8 km), a moderately challenging line with optional jumps, drops, bridges, and other trail elements. For more information visit:

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