Journey back in time and solve the new escape-game complex at Les Villages Nature® Paris

New for spring 2018, families and friends visiting Les Villages Nature® Paris will now have even more of a thrilling adventure to look forward to, as the eco-friendly holiday village introduces an escape-game complex to its offering. The new activity increases the range of quirky options available already, including honey-making workshops, Segway excursions and Aqua Jump sessions, among more than 60 others, in the five immersive worlds.

Working in partnership with Prizoners® (a French company that hosts live escape games across the country) the new escape game will challenge guests to test their lateral thinking, logical skills and their ability to communicate while under a time pressure, as teams of two to five are transported to key moments in history. With just one hour to get out, players must employ their ingenuity, reflection, observation and team spirit to triumphantly orchestrate their flight.

The escape game area has three themed rooms where participants will discover a prehistoric world and the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Maya. Each game is suitable for players aged eight years and over.

According to Egyptian legends, the goddess Isis could bring men, women and gods back to life. To benefit from eternal life, Pharaoh Ahmenhotep arranged his mortuary chamber in her honour. 3,500 years later, escape room players will discover the chamber, but as soon as they enter, the door closes on them. They must reveal the secrets of Isis in less than an hour, or the room will become their own tomb…

This game takes place deep in the jungle between Mexico and Guatemala where the sun has mysteriously disappeared. Players must stumble through the jungle, discover the time of the god Yaktuklan and prevent his curse from falling on the neighbouring tribes. Players will only have one hour before the temporal gap closes and condemns them to their Mayan fate.

The last time-travel trip did not go as planned. The players landed underground, 20 000 years before the present day. They have walked continuously for several days and must find a way out, otherwise they will remain in prehistoric times forever. Will they be ingenious enough to thwart the pitfalls scattered on their way?

The escape room activity costs 90€/£80 per session and can be booked online or on arrival at the Welcome House.

Accommodation and prices:

Clan Comfort accommodation allows guests to discover their inner child in these whimsical cottages with playful decor situated in the woods. A four-night self-catered stay arriving Monday 25th June is priced from 889€/£783, in a cottage that sleeps four people.

In Country Premium accommodation, indoors and outdoors flow together to create a relaxing retreat inspired by English country living. These cottages and apartments can be found by the lake or in the woods. A four-night self-catered stay arriving Monday 25th June is priced from 859€/£757, in a cottage that sleeps four people.

Cocoon VIP is designed with wellbeing in mind, creating a haven of serenity. Soft and elegantly decorated, Cocoon VIP is available as a cottage or apartment by the lake or in the village centre. A four-night self-catered stay arriving Monday 25th June is priced from 999€/£880, in a cottage that sleeps four people.

All accommodation is of premium level and features free Wi-Fi, fully-equipped kitchens with dishwashers, furnished terraces or balconies and flat-screen TVs. Baby beds and high chairs are available in all cottages and upon request in apartments.

For more information about Les Villages Nature® Paris and to book, please call 0845 351 0820 or visit