How to survive the Ski & Snowboard Show

London’s giant alpine festival, the ‘Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show’, sees 30,000 winter-sports enthusiasts gather under the same roof for a long weekend of mountain antics at Battersea Evolution. With a multitude of stands, expert talks and freestyle competitions, the atmosphere is electric – but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s your first time at the Ski Show – or if you are a repeat offender who spends more time at the bar than anywhere else, or who manages to miss everything they intended to see – there are plenty of ways you could be getting more out of the event.

With more than 20 combined years of experience at the Ski Show, here is a round-up of practical advice from Heaven Publicity:

  1. PLAN FOR YOUR FAMILY: The Ski & Snowboard Show welcomes skiers from every generation and it can be a fantastic day out for children as there’s so much to see and do. Knowing how much children’s energy levels can fluctuate during family days out, the Ski Show provides golf-cart transfers from the gates of the park. Make sure you hop on one of these to save your energy for exploring the exciting events! Once inside, make your way to the Mountain Village, where child-friendly ice skating is available. A skating session is included in the entrance ticket and the rink works on a first-come, first-served basis. For priority, simply book tickets in advance on the website.
  2. ORGANISE YOURSELF: Make sure you have made a note of interesting exhibits and the locations before you arrive. The venue is huge and some stands can be busier than a chairlift queue, so it makes sense to plan your route in advance to avoid making rushed decisions on the day and missing out on the stands you’re most interested in. Here is a map to help you visualise the venue.
  3. PACK LIGHT: With the avalanche of leaflets and magazines you’ll receive throughout the day, one thing you can almost guarantee is that you’ll leave the show with more than you came with, so it’s best to streamline what you bring and take an empty bag. If you are someone who can’t bear not to bring your knick-knacks, simply drop your bags at the cloakroom for a small fee.
  4. COME CASUAL: Like most exhibition halls, Battersea Evolution has a changeable climate and your body temperature can be up and down like a gondola, so you need spare hands to be stripping off layers and room in your bag for spare garments. As tempting as it might be to come looking stylish, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, because with so much to see, you will probably be on your feet all day.
  5. GET CHATTING: The Ski & Snowboard Show welcomes an eclectic mix of people from all over the UK, the Alps and further afield. As well as gathering handy tips from the experts at the Genius Bar and those manning the stands, you may find out some ski secrets from the person standing next to you at the bar, so get chatting and embrace the ski-loving atmosphere.
  6. EAT WELL: Alpine street food is served from vans by Mount Battersea, the purpose-built 50ft kicker where the freeride kings will be showing off their tricks to the admiring audience. Nutella crepe in one hand, tartiflette in the other, you will have no problem conjuring images of your last blue-bird ski day, and that first day back on the slopes will feel close enough to touch. When it comes to paying for your feast, be sure to take cash -it will make transactions a lot easier and the cash machines on site usually charge. For those who don’t wish to splash out on the Alpine fare, make sure you have a hearty breakfast to see you through the day.
  7. ENTER THE PRIZE DRAWS: They are often free, and somebody has to win!

Finally, beware of photo opportunities as you could end up as the main promo photo of the show’s newsletter and social media – it will haunt you forever! See you on 26-29 October!