High Arctic Marathon Coolest Running Event in 2016

Dates Announced For Polar Half-Marathon, Marathon and Ultramarathon

Quark Expeditions® and Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge are excited to announce the dates of the coolest running event in North America; the 2016 Northwest Passage 21km Half-Marathon, 42km Marathon and 55km Ultramarathon. As the most northerly official marathon in North America, this wilderness challenge will take place June 30 to July 6, 2016 under 24 hours of sunlight and against the backdrop of the legendary Northwest Passage.

The course itself is spectacular and has delighted runners in years past with many sights of arctic wildlife, including pods of beluga whales, seals, arctic fox, snowy owls, ring and bearded seals and herds of grazing muskoxen. Polar bears have also often been spotted, and past participants have seen both mothers and cubs, with a total of 14 polar bears seen during one race.

Beginning at Cunningham Inlet and continuing to Polar Bear Point along the Northwest Passage, to Cape Marie and back, this intimate trail run is marked with Inukshuks (Inuit stone figures said to have the traditional meaning of “You are on the right path.”), as well as regular course flags.

Limited to just 26 participants, this is a trail run with no roads. It involves medium level running on rolling terrain which varies from pebble-sized rocks to shallow creek crossings. The most challenging area is a hill approximately 600 – 700 meters long.

“We’re excited to share this unique experience with our guests at Arctic Watch,” said Quark Expeditions® President Andrew White. “The Northwest Passage Marathon gives visitors yet another option at the lodge, whether they’re running or observing, to experience the true ruggedness and seclusion of the Canadian High Arctic.”

The Northwest Passage Marathon was first organised in 2006 by Arctic Watch founders Richard Weber and Josée Auclair, each highly accomplished and renowned polar explorers, guides and cross-country skiers. As acclaimed cross-country skiers, the cross-country running event soon developed as a natural extension of their active family lifestyle.

Runners are assigned Arctic Watch support staff for food, water, extra clothing and other needs, and guides keep participants on course while ensuring the runners’ safety while on the tundra. Those wishing to observe the event can travel with guides as they accompany racers through the course.

Runners can contact Quark Expeditions to inquire about the marathon and ultramarathon, to register, and to learn more about accommodations and all-inclusive activities at Arctic Watch.

About Arctic Watch
Situated at Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island in Nunavut, Canada, Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is internationally recognised as one of the top arctic wildlife locations and beluga whale-watching sites on the planet. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of adventure options including arctic safaris, rafting, arctic char fishing, hiking, ATV tours, kayaking and more, before retiring to the comfortable lodge.
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