Go Glamping Japanese Style, with Villa Hanz

Japan, the third largest tourist destination in Asia*, is a dream-like haven for many travellers. Think neon-flooded cities, diverse-food scenes, fast-paced lifestyles, and many sights of natural wonder. Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and whether a first-timer or a returning visitor, seeing Mount Fuji UNESCO world heritage site is on all bucket lists.

However, while many people choose to base themselves in Hakone, renowned for its relaxed vibe, spectacular Onsens and accessibility from Tokyo, this isn’t the only option. The Fuji Five Lakes region consists of five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji.  Lake Kawaguchiko is the most accessible of the five because it has direct bus and train connections from Tokyo and is two hours’ drive from the city centre. Kawaguchiko is the perfect place for the active traveller with several water activities available on the lake, as well as hiking or trekking and a town full of history and culture. It also has exceptional views of the renowned mountain, and this is where Glamping Villa Hanz on Lake Kawaguchiko can be found…

At Glamping Villa Hanz Kawaguchiko, guests can easily switch off and soak up the stunning surroundings when making the most of its comfy and unique accommodation. Think a tranquil namesake lake, birdsong-filled forests, and spectacular close-up vistas of Mount Fuji.

Glamping Villa Hanz Kawaguchiko carries the concept “Relax if you can”, the core philosophy of this concept is the idea of, creating an environment which actively facilitates communication and encourages guests to experience the joy of learning. For many people coming from the city, there are not many opportunities to connect with nature. Villa Hanz provides a place for people to converse, learn through the outdoors, and soak up the environment; and many of the activities on offer at Villa Hanz reflect this. Learn how to light a fire for a BBQ and safe knife handling – both of which were core life skills but have been lost over time.

The core philosophy of creating an environment that encourages people to communicate is prevalent not only in the activities on offer at Glamping Villa Hanz but also the accommodation. The accommodation at Glamping Villa Hanz pays heed to an age-old Japanese Custom, when families would sleep side by side, coining the Japanese term ‘kawa-no-ji’. Derived from the kanji character for a river, ‘’, which is three vertical lines spaced closely together invoking the idea of two parents sleeping with their child in the middle. Families found that sleeping side by side not only allows them to forge stronger interfamilial bonds but encourages everyone to work harder the next day. A stay at Villa Hanz inspires groups to work on their communication and connections, not just by sleeping in proximity, but also through a communal way of living.

Glamping, or luxury camping, has become very popular in recent years amongst people who want to enjoy wild and open spaces and breathe in mountain air, without giving up all the creature comforts.

Choose from three accommodation options: Villa, Pao or Guest House.

The villas half-timber style architecture are ideal for those new to glamping, who like a few more amenities. Each villa comes with soft mattress-like sleeping area complete with sleeping bags, private outdoor space with BBQ, and a spacious bathroom with Jacuzzi. The outside area is the prize with a sumptuous terrace to marvel the sights.
The Pao are igloo-like tents encircling a communal bar in the depth of the forest. They might look unassuming from the outside but are kitted out with modern and antique Japanese furnishings, bathrooms and outdoor dining areas.
The Guest House is a relocated and restored 100+ years old traditional Japanese house that was preserved as a local museum in Niigata prefecture. Home to five twin bedrooms, a sunken Jacuzzi, warming stove, and an enclosed log-timber terrace, it offers guests a communal place to stay surrounded by art and culture.

Whichever accommodation is chosen, guests can convene at the sociable bar in the evening for a tumbler of Yamanashi whiskey or a homemade Umeshu (Japanese Plum Wine). Plus, all guests are welcome to enjoy the newly opened Onsen (a hot spring bath heated geothermically by volcanic activity in the area), or for those staying in the Villa, try public bath at any time during their stay.  After each fulfilling day, start the terrace BBQ and tuck into a flame-grilled dinner in view of the starry night sky. Dine on quality meats, including Japanese Wagu, and fresh vegetables, all accompanied by local wine. The BBQ is an immersive traditional experience to be able to enjoy the outdoors environment in full.

The facilities at Glamping Villa Hanz lend themselves to kicking back and relaxing, and the concierge service can book guided tours through the unique Aokigahara forest, which grew on lava spewed from Mount Fuji, or along mountain trails – home to spiritual power spots. The calm waters of Lake Kawaguchiko are easily accessible by canoe, while active folk can try mountain biking, wakeboarding and flyboarding. For the less adventurous, consider segway rides, private steaming tent saunas, or the slackline on site. Guests can also learn how to search for decent firewood, chop it safely into kindling, and handle a campfire correctly, take a star gazing tour, explore the forest and go hiking. Plus, a new barrel shaped sauna made from Japanese birch wood has recently been added, and more local experiences are being developed. The idea is that guests will experience the surge of joy that comes from the wonders of the outdoors.


Prices from ¥32,128 / £176** per Pao sleeping two people per night on a room only basis. Breakfast ¥2,373 / £13 pp.

Prices from ¥40,890 / £224 per room in a Villa sleeping two people per night on a room only basis. Breakfast ¥2,373 / £13 pp.

Prices from ¥375,866 / £2,059 for five bedrooms in the guest house sleeping 10 people per night. . Breakfast ¥2,373 Yen / £13 pp.

For more information about Glamping Villa Hanz, please visit: https://gv-hanz.com/?lang=en

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*According to the UN World Tourism Organization
**Based on current FX exchange rates

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About: Glamping Villa Hanz is owned by Hanz Outdoor Resort Co. Villa Hanz is part of a portfolio of properties that caters to the needs of adventurous souls looking to escape to the Fuji Five Lakes region. Staying in a choice of accommodation on the shores of Kawaguchiko lake, there are numerous outdoor activities as well as stunning views of Mount Fuji year-round.