Girls, now is your chance to leap down the aisle with your loved ones

Ah the 29th February, that day that springs up on us every four years just because that’s the way our world spins. Given that it’s a day that doesn’t exists 75% of the time, we always feel that it should be some kind of crazy day of partying or even catching up on sleep, but alas there’s sadly no leap year themed bank holiday for us. Still, just because we don’t have a day off, doesn’t mean we can’t jet set off to have fun. In times where women had even less say than they do now, the 29th Feb also marked the only day of the year where women could get down and one knee and propose to their beloved men. Watch out fellas, we have some excellent destinations for women to take control and get proposing!

La Folie Douce will give you the best party in the mountains
What better way to après ski than to propose than at the best party on the mountains? Have your proposal and engagement party all in one with live music and flowing champagne, just like this couple did.


Float away together in a hot air balloon
The WOW! factor. Take them to the most fabulous views from the best seat in town; this will definitely be one for the album.
Let’s hope they say yes… It’s a long way down

Have a Loveski
Cosy up on the chairlift, admire the views and make sure your loved one is paying attention. This fiancé in Val d’Isère went to the efforts of writing the words; ‘Will you marry me’ throughout stages on the lift.
Whisk them away to a mountain retreat
The recently opened Meribel Mountain Retreat is in one of the most beautiful picture-postcard villages: Le Villard, Meribel-les Allues. To make the proposal one to shout about from the mountain tops, why not take the helicopter from the airport to the retreat? You’ll have the most perfect background of the beautiful snowy mountains… and who could say no after a spectacular experience like this?ext_chalet_amis_2222_3
Why not carry on the theme, and tie the knot on the slopes
Elope to the slopes and get hitched in one of the most famous ski resorts in the world. Verbier can provide wedding planners to ensure your day can go just the way you like it, with the most beautiful location of all. Let’s hope the groom can keep up. There are a multitude of luxury hotels and plenty of après ski bars for the wedding guests and relatives.


Good luck girls! <3