FWT21 Grande Finale coming soon at the 25th edition of the Xtreme Verbier

With the bulk of the season completed, athletes adjust their eyes to the Bec de Rosses and prepare for the season’s final competition, running on an updated weather window of March 20-28.   

Culminating at 3,223m, the Bec de Rosses has provided the canvas for some dream-completing runs. Each year, with an ominous descent of 650m, the world’s best freeriders throw everything they have at this mythical mountain. The candles burned bright last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary, but COVID-19 halted the event in its tracks. Now, competition is ready to ignite for the long-awaited 25th edition of the Xtreme Verbier.

Since the inaugural Xtreme Verbier in 1996, spectators have witnessed the evolution of a sport that has pushed the laws of physics and redefined what is possible in the mountains. In 2008, the event’s success led to the creation of an international championship consisting of five stops, climaxing at the Xtreme Verbier. And thus, the Freeride World Tour was born. For the 25th edition this year, Toyo Tires are on-board as the main partner. Sharing the same core values innovation, quality and performance – they will help the FWT deliver the most extreme competition that is always the Grande Finale in Verbier.

Photo of the 25th anniversary

Verbier Web Series: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/videos/freeride-world-tour-2020-verbier-extreme-25th-anniversary-highlight

The battle for the FWT title is tight, with the top riders in each category –  Ross Tester (USA-ski men), Hedvig Wessel(NOR-ski women), Blake Moller (USA-snowboard men) all look comfortable wearing the golden bib and are hot contestants for the Verbier crown while Marion Haerty (FRA-snowboard women) proved herself untouchable during the Stop#3 in Fieberbrunn, securing her fourth FWT Title and breaking the FWT all-time record for titles.

The local rider Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI-ski women) know the mountain and conditions well and can never be counted out. Add to the mix Swedish favorite, Kristofer Turdell (SWE), who has trained harder than ever to accomplish the top spot in Verbier, and the stage is set for a colossal showdown. Check out the first episode of Kristofer Turdell’s web series: Road to Verbier.

View the full roster and the riders who’ve made the cut for FWT22, including 10 ski men, 5 ski women, 5 snowboard men and 4 snowboard women. Who will stamp their names in freeride history at the 25th Xtreme Verbier? We’ll soon find out. Until then, predict your winners at https://peakperformance.pronosticgames.fr/.

The competition will be closed to the public. However, Red Bull is the production host for this awe-inspiring event, which will be streamed LIVE on Red Bull TV.

Stay tuned on freerideworldtour.com and the FWT social media channels for competition updates and rider news as the countdown to this historic competition ticks away.

As health and safety is always the priority for FWT organisers, they are actively working in conjunction with local authorities to ensure each competition is compliant with current regulations.

Link to history of the Xtreme Verbier: presented by Ed Leigh


25th anniversary https://www.freerideworldtour.com/news/25-candles-25th-verbier-xtreme-powered-altis