From the Magical to the Meaningful Five Summer Trip Tips in the Austrian Tirol

Those striving to create unforgettable and / or meaningful experiences for their well earned break, will find The Austrian Tirol peppered with ideas and places that handsomely reward.

Tirolean mountain, lake and valley backdrops lend themselves to ‘stop and take stock’ moments and events, with clear skies and crystal waters every step or peddle of the way.  Additionally if seeking a little physical and rebalancing activity, several rural associations have created hands on ‘learn or try’ projects that maintain traditional practices and land preservation.

Top Trip Tips

1 · Starry Night Gazing  – Kaunertal Valley

One of the darkest places in Austria and the best place to marvel at the night sky. Visitors will be wowed by just how many stars are visible away from the light pollution of towns and cities. On clear nights it is even possible to wander onto the Gepatsch glacier in the Kaunertal Valley, 2,000 metres above sea level. Once a week the local tourism board offers guided tours with qualified guides on hand to tell guests about stars and constellations as well as the influence these have had and continue to have on cultures around the world.

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2. Mucking In On The Farm – Wipptal

Experience alpine pastures, mountain meadows and traditional huts learning what it takes to work the land in Tirol. The Valsertal Valley, is haven of peace, quiet and tradition, making it the perfect place to reconnect with nature and grounded values. The Farming School, has been set up to provide meaningful experiences, learning what it is like to work on a mountain farm and contribute to preserving the beauty of Tirol for future generations. Participants can choose from a range of projects including herbs and schnapps workshops, meadow and pasture maintenance, and goat tending programme.

For more information visit: Volunteer projects at mountain farms and alpine huts

3. Alpine Sunrise Hikes – Kellerjoch Mountain

Watching the sun rise in the mountains is a notable experience nobody will forget in a hurry. A stand out place to do so is from the top of the Kellerjoch mountain at 2,344 metres.  Walk to the top the day before and spend the night in a rural mountain hut before a small wander to secure the best spot and watch the day slowly creep over the horizon.  Before heading back down the valley, enjoy a traditional breakfast whilst watching the daylight move over the Alps.

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4. Animal Magic – Hohe Tauern National Park

Here visitors have the chance to see rare alpine animals (and the oldest mountain huts in Austria), particularly the Big Five: ibex, chamois, bearded vulture, golden eagle and marmot. Offering guided tours with trained nature park and national park rangers who highlight the best spots to observe these animals in their natural habitat but also explain how they manage to survive in such inhospitable conditions.

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5. Music on the Mountains – Innsbruck Region

On 8 September 2024 the ski resort of Axamer Lizum will provide a spectacular backdrop for the event “Klassik am Berg”, a classical concert by the InnStrumenti chamber orchestra held at 2,340 metres above sea level. There will also be musicians playing live music at the bottom, middle and top stations of the cable car before the main event at the top of the mountain.  The orchestra will play a mix of classical music, excerpts from well-known soundtracks and works chosen to complement the mountain scenery.

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