“BikePark Wales unveils “Ticket to Ride” – the Ultimate Family Adventure this Easter, May Half Term and summer holidays”

It’s no secret that Wales has some of the best mountain biking in the world, and the undisputed crown jewel is BikePark Wales, based in the heart of the Brecon Beacons but easily accessible from the M4 and A470. Long since known for its expert trails, the trail centre has now turned its eye towards younger, and less experienced riders, offering the chance for even novice riders to swoop through the beautiful woods and vales to experience one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. If you’ve been on a family ski holiday, get ready to find the spring, summer and autumn version. And it might be closer to home too.

BikePark Wales not only focuses on providing an exceptional experience for visitors, but also has its sights set on helping the local environment. The owners, Martin Astley,, Anna Astley and Rowan Sorrell, created BikePark Wales 11 years ago to welcome newcomers and provide a friendly structured hub that accepts all riders to this fun pursuit. What they built has transformed the local town, in a positive and friendly way.

With the current state of affairs, more families are looking for alternative adventures closer to home, and a visit to South Wales is a great option. BikePark Wales is thrilled to announce its latest offering for beginners: the “Ticket to Ride”  package – crafted specifically for beginners, it ensures a safe, thrilling and memorable experience for riders of all ages, providing not just a biking adventure but an immersive introduction to the beauty of mountain biking. Families and friends can enjoy a thrilling yet safe introduction to mountain biking on a lovely, mellow, low level rollercoaster trail called Kermit, and the chance to embrace the adventure and create lasting memories together.

Don’t have suitable bikes? No problem. Struggling to fill the school holiday calendar for an active family? Never ridden down mountain bike trails? Then “Ticket to Ride” is perfect.

Key Highlights of “Ticket to Ride”:

Tailored Trails for Beginners: BikePark Wales understands the importance of a gentle introduction to mountain biking. The “Ticket to Ride” package is suitable for beginners and includes specially curated fun trails, maintained to the highest level with special drainage facilities. This is a safe but thrilling experience for riders of all ages.

Inclusions: The package includes everything you need to get going. Bike hire, safety equipment (including helmets) and most importantly, your own guide to show you how to ride the trails. And unlike ski trips, the ‘uplift’ here is taken care of by awesome 4×4 trucks with trailers. Peddling is not needed. Everything needed for a hassle-free adventure is included in the “Ticket to Ride” package..

First-Time Feels: BikePark Wales understands the emotions tied to mountain biking for the first time. “Ticket to Ride” aims to capture the essence of that elated and exhilarating feeling, making it an ideal choice for families looking to create lasting memories.

Unique Location: Nestled in the captivating South Wales landscape, BikePark Wales provides a backdrop like no other. Families can explore the natural beauty surrounding the park, adding a touch of uniqueness to their adventure.

The Experience and Thrill: As well as the trails, BikePark Wales promises an immersive experience that goes beyond mere biking. From the breathtaking scenery to the rush of adrenaline, “Ticket to Ride” offers a perfect blend of excitement and natural beauty. And if you already have riding experience, there’s every chance to move up the mountain biking structure with uplift-only, or a lift and bike rental packages also available. And of course, BikePark Wales offers trails for every standard of rider.

For more information on “Ticket to Ride” and to plan your family adventure at BikePark Wales, visit https://www.bikeparkwales.com/new-to-mountain-biking

Price: The “Ticket to Ride” package costs £325 for a family of four including bike rental (Trek Roscoe and Wahoo bikes for kids), guides, uplift and safety kit. Sessions take place from 9 am to 1 pm. Extra kids or adults can be added to the group at a small premium. Ticket to Ride is available at weekends and school holidays. Local accommodation available from £60 per family per night. Minimum height of 4’3″/130cm to 4’10″/150cm, and all must -naturally – be able to ride a bike.

About BikePark Wales: BikePark Wales is arguably the world’s leading mountain biking destination located in the heart of Brecon Beacons next to the town of Merthyr Tydfil, easily accessible from the M4 and A470. With a commitment to providing thrilling yet safe experiences for riders of all levels, the park aims to be a catalyst for positive change for families.