Beluga Whale Scientist Returns To Arctic Watch Summer Program

Quark Expeditions® Supports Marine Biologist Research

This summer, Quark Expeditions®, the world’s leading polar expedition company, welcomes behavioral ecologist Dr. Valeria Vergara to Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge on Somerset Island, a site renowned for its beluga whale watching. Thanks in part to funding support provided by Quark, there she will to continue her important research on beluga whale communications as part of Quark’s Scientists in Residence program.

Each summer, guests of the lodge get to witness approximately 2,000 beluga whales gather in the Cunningham Delta to molt, nurse their young, and socialise. The Inlet proves an ideal location for Dr. Vergara’s research, with the Arctic Watch lodge offering a comfortable and convenient home base.

“Dr. Vergara’s presence is an incredible opportunity for guests at Arctic Watch to learn from one of the world’s leading experts how beluga whales communicate, and how we can help preserve their population,” said Andrew White, President of Quark Expeditions®.

“The opportunity for Arctic Watch guests to engage and interact with her and learn more about this research is one of the many reasons to visit the lodge this year. Becoming educated and knowledgeable about the unique species we encounter across the Polar Regions helps us as a company, and our guests, become better stewards of the Arctic and Antarctica.”

Dr. Vergara describes the nature of her research process: “On any given day, I look for where belugas are congregated at the time, and I head there either by ATV or hiking and wading with my gear: a hydrophone, a rugged field laptop with acoustic recording software, binoculars, video camera, tripod, and my iPad to jot down whale behavioral observations in a special app. I take systematic behavioral observations about group composition, group spread, predominant behavior, number of calves and juveniles near the hydrophone, estimated group size, etc.” Quark Expeditions® is proud to support Dr. Vergara’s unique and exciting beluga whale research.

Dr. Vergara will be at Arctic Watch on the following departures:

* July 9, 2015

* July 16, 2015

* July 23, 2015

About Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Arctic Watch is the first land expedition for Quark Expeditions, a wilderness basecamp and immersive arctic safari offering all-included adventure options, a Polar Photography program, ample views of iconic wildlife and unique arctic landscapes. Along with a location on the polar bear migration path and spectacular beluga whale-watching, guests can enjoy included, diverse activities such as hiking, sea kayaking, exploring in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), rafting the Cunningham River, fishing for arctic char, and much more.

How to Book: Price for the Arctic Watch Lodge expedition starts at £4,545 per person (20% saving) based on double occupancy when booked before 15 June, 2015. Flights not included. For more information visit or call 0808 120 2333