Andante Travels launch their 2016 brochure and reveal top 10 NEW tours as voted for by the People

Andante Travels decided to take some very important opinions into account before compiling their latest programme of tours… those of their guests. Andante’s loyal guests were invited to suggest and vote on the destinations they would most like to visit with a specialist view of the past. They received over 2000 responses.

The new 2016 programme incorporates fantastic destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas – each offering fascinating insight and exclusive access to some of the world’s most sacred and iconic sites. Andante Travels will run  more than 130 tours in 2016, and will visit 22 new destinations in total.

After 30 years in the business, their team of in-house experts (who hold numerous archaeology and history BA’s, MA’s and PHDs and speak 10 languages collectively) are well versed in creating incredible journeys that explore every corner of the ancient world. Holidaymakers can rediscover the forgotten empires of the classical world; delve into deep forgotten jungles; or uncover closer to home archaeology in the UK. No matter what the destination, guests will find themselves in good company, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, unearthing the past alongside an Expert Guide Lecturer.

Also new for 2016, Andante Travels has secured exclusive extras for each tour. Guests can enjoy special access to some of the greatest sites and museums in the world, including: the Great Pyramid’s inner chamber; the Vatican’s Secret Archives; and prehistoric salt mines in Austria. They could nose around the Pope’s private gardens; row a Viking long ship; or see how they measure up against a Terracotta Warrior in China. The majority of their tours are fully inclusive and offer great value for money. All of the tours listed below include international flights, an expert Guide Lecturer, professional tour manager, local travel, accommodation in hand-picked hotels, all meals (with wine at dinner), entries and tips, and field notes.

Andante Travels top 10 NEW tours as voted for by the People

China Beyond the Great Wall – including behind-the-scenes access to the terracotta Army

China has a remarkable cultural story, spanning over 10,000 years. Guests will journey through China’s vast landscape, visiting some of its recognisable highlights such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Terracotta warriors. They will also encounter China’s lesser-known archaeology, and visit new and exciting sites that shed light on China’s past.

Trip highlight: Special access to the astonishing 2,200-year-old Terracotta Army. Andante are privileged to have a private tour of the warriors with the specialists who curate and conserve them.

The 16-day all inclusive tour is priced at £4750 (Single supp £645) and departs on 29th Sept October 2016 or 31st October 2016

Thessaloniki – the rival of Athens

Founded in 315BC, Thessaloniki is a city with enough historical importance and legacy to rival that of Athens. In antiquity, the city served as both Macedonian and Roman capital. Guests will explore the streets of Thessaloniki, rich in the monuments of this illustrious past: including the palace and mausoleum of Emperor Galerius, Byzantine walls and ancient Orthodox churches.

Trip highlight: Special access to the fine frescoed Church of St. Nicholas Orfanos in the historical centre of Thessaloniki.

The 7-day all inclusive tour is priced at £2,250 (Single supp £290) and departs on 19th April or 22nd December 2016.

Rock Art of Scandinavia

Rock art – dating from the Bronze Age through to the Iron Age – litters the landscape of Scandinavia. Scenes of fighting, sun worship, chariots and boats shed light on the everyday life and beliefs of the people who have inhabited these dramatic landscapes for over 3500 years. Travellers journey through Sweden and Norway, uncovering the best of these enigmatic depictions.

Trip highlight: An atmospheric evening visit to the Tanum rock-carving by candlelight, led by local specialists.

The 8-day all inclusive tour is prices at £3,145 (Single supp £535) and departs on 1st July 2016

The Hittites, Turkey

From 1600 to 1100BC the Hittites, a Bronze Age civilisation, ruled a vast swathe of Asia Minor. They built cities, achieved monumental engineering feats and developed Iron-Age technology. This tour shines a light on the Hittites amid the hills and plains of Anatolia.

Trip highlight: Discover Kerkenes Dag with special access to the enormous ancient city built by the Phyrgians around 600 BC

The 8-day all inclusive tour is prices at £2,450 (Single supp £210)  and departs on 9th May 2016

Wild Thrace, Greece

East of Thessaloniki are the mountains and plains of Thrace. Its ancient kingdoms were alternately at war with and allied to the Persians, Greeks and Macedonians. This tour visits the strategic cities that grew up in the wake of passing conquerors. Guests will also get a glimpse of the city of Amphipolis.

Trip highlight: Visit the decorated tombs of Doxipora… plus some ‘extra’ special access to be revealed on tour.

The 9-day all inclusive tour is priced at £2,345 (Single supp £145) and departs on 7th June or 7th Sept.

Baltic Amber Trail

The Baltic is famous for its amber – which provides a wonderful focal point for an exploration of Lithuania and Latvia. Although amber is the theme, guests will visit a range of archaeological sites: from the hill forts of prehistory through the Viking period to the Teutonic Knights of the Middle Ages.

Trip highlight: Privileged access to on-going evacuation sites, with introductions from local specialists.

The 9-day all inclusive tour is priced at £2,675 (Single supp £250) and departs on 12th Sept 2016

Prehistoric Czech Republic

The Czech Republic still has a wondrous prehistoric landscape, littered with caves and other extraordinary sites that have unveiled a rich treasure trove of Palaeolithic and Neolithic remains. From Dolní Vestonice, a site dating back 28,000 years, to the earliest settlement found in Europe, this tour is a must for rock art lovers and prehistory enthusiasts.

Trip highlight: visit a prehistoric mammoth butchery site where hundreds of mammoth bones still remain in situ.

The 8-day all inclusive tour is prices at £2,145 (Single supp £315) and departs on 1st September 2016

Samnites – Enemies of Rome

This trip explores the little-known Italy set high in the Apennine Mountains – home of the Samnite tribes. These hardy warriors ‘taught the Romans how to fight’ and were some of their most implacable foes. The Samnite’s mountain life created a particular culture, and guests will visit some of the great sanctuaries, fortresses and towns that they left behind.

Trip highlight: Private tours of the Abbey of Sa Vincenzo at Voltaro and the crypt of Epifarious.

The 7-day all inclusive tour is priced at £1,975 and (Single supp £120) departs on 30th May 2016

Discover the Dodecanese

See another side of the lovely holiday islands of Rhodes and Kos. Rediscover their ancient origins – Hellenistic sanctuaries, Roman villas and Medieval castles. Explore sites including Kalymnos, follow in the mythical footsteps of Herakles, and visit the Castle of Chrysocheria, built by the Knights Hopi Helas to protect the islanders from pirates.

Trip highlight: Enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the Kalymnos archaeological museum.

The 8-day tour is priced at £2,695 (Single supp £285) and departs on 4th June 2016

Dalmatia and Dubrovnik

This trip explores the spectacular archaeology of the Dalmatian Coast – from Zagreb to Zadar, Split to Dubrovnik. Against the backdrop of the breathtakingly beautiful Adriatic and its islands, guests will visit villas, temples and palaces, in search of the legacy of the Romans who conquered this land in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.

Trip highlight: Privileged access to the Zagreb archaeological museum with a special talk from the Roman Curator.

The 10-day all inclusive tour is prices at £2,945 (Single supp £465) and departs on 25th May 2016

Other new global destinations:

Northern Peru

This is a new journey through Northern Peru on the trail of the Chachapoya, ‘the people of the cloud forest’ – warriors and traders who initially resisted Inca conquest. Going off the beaten track the group will explore the imposing Chachapoya city of Kuelap, magnificently perched above the Utcubamba Valley. This is a unique tour, showcasing the glories of Peru beyond Machu Picchu…

Trip highlight: Special access to Leymebamba Museum, where guests can view the famous Mummies from the Lake of the Condors.

The 16-day all inclusive tour is price TBC and departs on 9th May 2016

South Africa

South Africa’s vast and open expanses hide a wealth of archaeology – from the early human ancestors who left behind stone tools, rock art and skeletons, to kingdoms that traded gold and ivory. This tour offers guests the special opportunity to explore the far depths of the human past, while revelling in landscapes and wildlife that retain primeval splendour even today.

Trip highlight: A private tour of Skerkfontein Caves, led by the scientists working to record the early human remains found there.

The 13-day tour is priced at £4,450 (Single supp £295)  and departs on 19th March 2016

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If you are interested in any of Andante Travels new tours it may be possible to arrange for a journalist to join a recce trip to get an exclusive look in advance of the tour date. Please let me know if you require any further information or images.