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Italian resort Livigno’s Freeride Project and Heliski Service

In Livigno the locals take having fun very seriously. Located high in the beautiful Italian province of Lombardy, this Alpine mecca for skiiers and boarders is one of the most popular and snow sure resorts in Europe. Now it is also one of the safest . . . and that’s because the locals take safety seriously.

The Livigno Freeride Project has several goals but the first one is providing the best information possible about snow stability conditions to skiers who want access to backcountry terrain. At the forefront of this campaign for danger-free derring-do is a daily news service, which complements the regional output from the centre of Bormio Avalanche Arpa, allowing backcountry fans to keep right up to date with local snow and weather conditions, including avalanche threats.

By sharing such invaluable knowledge, Freeride keeps skiiers and boarders always in the loop, so they can focus instead on making the most of their fun time on the slopes. The Freeride Project is easy to access. As well as tuning in to local television reports, locals and holidaymakers can access the service on their tablets and smartphones at Freeride also informs hotels and ski lifts stations, so guests and visitors are never far from being able to access the latest information.

With the recent heavy snowfalls offering plenty of opportunities for Livingo’s legendary off-piste skiing, there’s never been a better time to tune in to Freeride. Every morning from 8.30 the service informs resort guests of conditions – the possibilities available and best areas for off-piste skiing. There are two new managed touring routes, one which climbs up to Monte Crapene and the other towards Plascianet.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the Freeride Project can attend a free meeting with Alpine Guides in Livigno every Sunday from 17.00 to 19.00 at Birreria 1816 and learn about safety measures, such as using the trackers, shovels and probes, as well as the rules and etiquette of off-piste skiing.

Fabiano Monti, of the Freeride Project, says: “The only way to reduce the risks from rare events such as avalanches is to share knowledge and offer more information about off-piste skiing. People should only ski off-piste if they are aware of potential dangers. This awareness comes through sharing information and knowledge – that means relying on the experts, in this case the Alpine Guides and local ski instructors who are experienced at off-piste skiing. ”For more information on this innovative project visit:

Heliski service: Thanks to the Freeride Project and Livigno’s renowned Alpine Guides, skiers can enjoy a fantastic heliski service. Taking off from the Refuge Carosello 3000 and the Refuge M’eating Point at Mottolino, an optimum number of four people are whisked off to the highest and best slopes to enjoy the freshest snow. The price per person based on a group of four is just 180 Euros, and includes the flights, the services of your very own Alpine Guide, ARTVA, shovel, probe and, of course, a celebratory beer at the finish. Thereafter, every descent is discounted for the party to just 310 Euros. There is also a two-day package with two descents a day for 407 Euros per person based on a group of four. For those not skiing, there is also the chance to enjoy panoramic flights every day, Sunday to Friday, with spectacular views over the mountains of Livigno.

New snowshoes routes: Also new for the 2014 season in Livingo are two brand new tracks for snowshoes enthusiasts. Located at Pemont and Vago, these are managed and signposted routes: one track climbs up to Monte Crapene, while the other snakes towards Plascianet. So get your best foot forward . . . and make tracks for Livigno!
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