Albatros Expeditions announces Arctic 2023 season with industry leading environmental performance

The Danish boutique expedition cruise operator Albatros Expeditions, part of the Albatros Travel Group, has released its first Arctic season on the brand-new Ocean Albatros. The Ocean Albatros is a sistership of the Ocean Victory, having the same excellent environmental performance with the lowest Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions per passenger in the industry.

Albatros Expeditions has always been an award-winning Greenland expert, and will offer seven different itineraries in 2023 that will explore all areas of the biggest island in the world, covering the largest national park worldwide on the east side, the Viking history in the south, and the authentic settlements with the UNESCO World Heritage Icefjord on the west side. Albatros also has four different itineraries to Svalbard, one of the best places in the world to observe the mighty polar bear in its natural habitat. More excitingly, there are two brand new trips exploring unique historic and natural locations in the Baltic Sea.

According to Albatros Expeditions owner and chairman Soren Rasmussen, these new Baltic Sea voyages will tell a relatively unknown but unique story. He says: “After the fall of Jerusalem in 1187, the crusading knights and the states that supported them pointed their weapons at the pagan tribes along the Baltic Sea. This rarely told story of the Danish medieval kings and the expansion of the German order of knights forms the framework for these cruises”.

All voyages aboard the Ocean Albatros, come with some unique features that enhance the environmental performance of the vessel. Hans Lagerweij, the company’s president, explains: “First of all, Ocean Albatros has Tier III compliant engines, the cleanest engines in the world that limit the amount of nitrous oxides. Secondly, we only burn marine gas oil, which emits less CO2 per ton burned compared to a heavier bunker fuel. Thirdly, the patented and revolutionary Ulstein X-bow is fantastically efficient, especially with surf and in rougher seas. And lastly, Ocean Albatros has a fully optimised compact design, providing comfortable space for 183 guests in only 104 metres length and just over 8,000 gross tonnage”.

About Ocean Albatros – Ocean Albatros is 104 metres long, 18 metres wide, and features 95 large staterooms and suites. The vessel is part of a brand-new generation of low-energy vessels and is of the highest Ice Class 1A, Polar Code 6. It has been built with Safe Return to Port, Dynamic Positioning and Zero Speed Stabilisers. The vessel showcases the X-Bow® by Ulstein Design & Solutions. The interior design has Nordic touches as well as environmentally friendly amenities in all staterooms. The Ocean Albatros will feature three restaurants, including a new innovative “Nordic Sushi” specialty restaurant, an infinity pool, jacuzzies, a spa, a gym, and a superb panorama sauna.